Katrina? Japan Tsunami? Those are blips

Discussion in 'Economics' started by nitro, Oct 23, 2011.

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  2. nitro


    There appears to be a weird convergence on 2012.
  3. Go long WD-40 and duct tape.....:cool:
  4. Fearmongering is profitable. He is a Ferengi.

    Now, since Fox has acknowledged him, he can go on the lecture circuit and write books and make money.

    Fear and sex sells, and it sells well.
  5. TGregg


    So a one in a 150 year event is scheduled for 2012, eh? Nice.
  6. Channel of fear sure did have to remind us that wall street banks, not regular banks, but wall street banks would be affected.

    There was a blackout in NYC 4 years ago?

    Wasn't the rapture suppose to happen last Friday?
  7. You believe in the mayan 2012 bull crap. Just come out and say it instead of cowardly phrasing it as "weird convergence". Be proud of your nuttiness.

  8. I wonder if there is sector rotation on fear in the media.

    Hmnnn.. it's been a while since we talked about solar storms.

    Keeps people on there toes, can't get to complacent.

    I just checked google on this solar storm. Here are the dates for the 1st page of google.

    Jan, March, May 2009

    June 14 and June 30 2010

    April 6, April 26 and Sept 27 2011.

    Now if we need to generate some news on a slow news day for fear, lets peruse page 2 or 3 and bring that item back up to the top ranking.

    I'm sure someone has a "boo 2012" excel program. Scare the baby and widows.
  9. nitro