Katie Holmes on David Letterman gaffe

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  1. Katie Holmes was on Letterman last night and during the first couple of minutes she had some of her hair in her mouth. Letterman or the producer should have done something about it right away and edited it out.

    Tom is probably pissed off.
  2. nitro


    She's hot.

  3. prolly peeved big time

    oooo, wow, breaking news
  4. I think she's a dog.

    Those droopy eyes and joining the cult didn't help either.


  5. she was hot during the dawson creeks yrs.
  6. sim03


    Nah, the tuft of hair in her mouth look seemed to be styled that way, not random:


    In fact, that pic was taken after the show. Perhaps a symbol of oral fixation? I've no objection (your honor).

    A few more, before and during the show:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'm neutral on her face and short hair... but aggressively long on the LEGS. Apparently, Dave did discuss her legs at length on the air after she left, which is his MO... lucky bastard.
  7. Agent 99?:)
  8. loik


    She`s gotten to perfect!
  9. Huh, how so? Apart from looking like agent 99?

    She was great before, still is, but with more muscle tone, and a good touch of anorexia/amphetamine addiction thrown in.

    Atkins gone wild, or is it tom cruise's alien scientologist toupee pulling the strings?

    Tom cruise san's rug on letterman, that i would like to see.
  10. loik


    <IMG SRC="http://www.katie-holmes.com.ar/pictures/katie-holmes.jpg">

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