Katie Couric Sarah Palin Interview

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MandelbrotSet, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Part I

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  2. Part II

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  3. mxjones


    My God she is scary bad. Now wonder they don't want her talking to anyone.
  4. Katie is a stump for the Democrats. I just watched her interview with Hussein, and there is a clear slant for him. Thank you for reminding me not to expect objectivity from news. The question remains where McCain stands on the proposed bailout, if he could do anything to reverse a left-pushed bailout performed before his time in the White House, and finally, if such a reversal would do more harm than good. These are critical questions, given that the banking crisis is NOW and the election is in six weeks.
  5. Allen3


    I'll call and raise you one Biden. What's all this prove... We got idiots running the country, idiots running for president,
    and idiots flaming about it on the internet. Get a clue Jimmy Jam/MS.
  6. rc5781


    bitch, please...
  7. Notice my approach was netural, I just posted the interview(s).

    IMHO, the questions where not too hard, and Katie didn't ambush her, not did she ask her any really hard questions about her personal life or what exactly it was that she did as a Govenor of Alaska beside hunt, play ice hockey and shoot moose.

    Palin looks horrible and you guys know it ... it's very telling that she backed-out of her interview last night on the David Letterman Show ... now I know why.
  8. rc5781


    this is a mother frickin US presidential election, not a casting for the fox news channel....bitch please....
  9. vingbel


    This idiot might be a heartbeat away from the presidency in forty days -- McCain will go down as having made one of the most reckless decisions of any presidential candidate. He put politics first and country second. I used to be a supporter, but the man has no judgement skills left. I mean know he's afraid to debate and defend his views. People might flock back to him if he dumped her and picked someone qualified and then said he was wrong about de-regulation when it came to this latest crisis. But every moves he makes now is a blunder, appealing only to people who are easily fooled. The question is: How many of these people are out there?
  10. Asking about McCains voting record was an ambush. You can't expect her to know details of the 6000 or something votes he's made. I find it interesting that no one asks Obama why he picked a VEEP who voted for BOTH Iraq and the bankruptcy bill.
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