Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg

Discussion in 'Forex' started by cstfx, Nov 24, 2008.

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    Watching CNBC this morning I noticed Boris Schlossberg is no longer with FXCM. Doing a little research I see that neither is Ms Lien. When did that happen? A falling out? They were the two biggest cheerleaders FXCM had. Did they suddenly realize what a schmuck Niv was and move to someplace more reputable? Or just a matter of going where the $$$'s are (pun intended)?

    edit: I see they have been with GFT now for about 4 months. Never noticed it before.
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    Didn't say I liked them, one post wonder. Just an observation.

    forexpeacearmy? Please!
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    The hell with those two! What i would do to see FXCM get shut down by the FEDS.... they are pure BUCKETSHOP SCAMMERS. I know 2 people that lost money on trades that should've got them ahead. I saw their trades and the charts to verify. Rediculous "out of the blue" spreads that crush you as you enter or exit a trade.

    If there are any people on here new to forex trading and want at least a fighting chance to prosper with a good trading system, an ECN broker is the only way to go in my opinion. I trade thru MB with Ninja platform,.... and while no broker is perfect, they are very close to it.....
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    Boris and Kathy are nothing but huge Fx marketing machines...books....brokers...signal service...etc.

    I once tried out their Fx signal service, and I canceled it after a week and paid nothing, complete joke!

    Kathy and Boris are The Milli Vanilli of Fx trading.

    Kathy's book is good for the newbie that would rather read a book instead of Baby Pips.

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    Interesting development. It would be great if Boris replies here and explains why they made this move.

    I really like his last book with traders interviews.
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    millionaire traders is a really good book - i reviewed it on here, and think it's top notch.

    btw, bear trap is a terrible book for anyone who's read bear stearns' headlines..
  8. I really like Millionare Traders as well. I couldn't care less if the authors trade or not, they put together an entertaining read. I also enjoyed seeing Boris try to teach that chick a few lessons in Wall Street Warriors.
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