Kastro's Journal: "Forex Grail" - Trying the Auto software

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Kastro_316, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Ok im going to give www.TheForexGrail.com a shot.

    Software bought. Got it set up.

    Past 2 days have been running it through some
    backtests, and trying to figure some stuff out.

    It uses small stop losses

    Kinda hard to set up

    Will post when first day of trades are LIVE and Real.
  2. Let me guess, when you saw this:


    You just couldn't resist!


    There truly is a sucker out there for every product...
  3. Malstrom


    I think that its called "product diversification" :D

    Kastro_316, one question for you:
    If the seller of this 'product' say that it will make money, THEN WHY IS SELLING IT? can't just use for himself?

    analogi: It's like... I'm trying to sell a money printing machine which obviously can print a lot of money but I don't want to make it for myself... so I'm sell it for 999$ :) . Sry for my language; is not my native.

    Later edit: :eek:

    Kastro_316, in your profile: Registered: May 2002

    after SO MANY years, you are still believe this BS? robots, grail money making machine and so on? I hope that it's a joke!
  4. Come on guys, you should know me by now lol. I have been here for years and been trading FOREX for over 4 years! :)

    For those who don't, I run a Forex Product Review blog. Hence the journal

    Thought I would make it a journal, rather than spamming my review blog for everyone.