Kass' top call - and Cramer's response. Who will win?

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Who is right? Kass or Cramer?

  1. Kass - market is at/near the top

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  2. Cramer - 3% to 5% pullbacks only

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  1. This is the latest article from Kass posted today on TheStreet.com with him calling the top:


    Normally I don't pay any attention to media types calling bottoms or tops, but decided to read this due to Kass' incredibly accurate March bottom call. It's a good article and Kass makes some great points.

    This is Cramer's response to Kass' top call, also posted on TheStreet.com today:


    Leave aside your feelings on Kass and Cramer as people for a moment, and just focus on the substance in the articles. At the end of the year, who will come out on top and be declared the winner?

    For the record, my user name has nothing to do with Doug Kass.
  2. cramer has a long history of turning winners into losers. enough said. kass cant lose even if he is wrong because he is banking a big profit while cramer hasnt even recovered what he lost last year.
  3. Again, let's try to keep past performance and your bias toward one person or the other out of it. Based on the arguments in each respective article, and based on <b>this call only</b>, who will be correct?