Karzai asks US/NATO to cease operations?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by endsongs, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. I think it was president Washington who mentioned that the military were to repel invading forces to the country but that it was morally wrong to try to lay upon another sovereign nation US's will. (and manner of life).

    Unfortunately both Germany and now the US have fallen victim to the will of large industries and are doing the big companies bidding and the president has become nothing more than a spokesman / puppet for the big companies.
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  3. Imagine if the tables were turned and texas or arizona had mexican special forces bombing suspected drug dealers in the US under their fight on drugs campaign.

    If they accidentally killed 9 American kids and covered up all other civilian murders by calling the insurgent drug users how long would we take it?
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    But, we don't have a new government setup by the Mexicans. And the Mexicans didn't rout Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban who are now striking us from a sanctuary Canada.

    I think your analogy is apples and oranges.
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  6. I'm confused. I keep hearing we are there to help them. They apparently would rather do without our help, particularly if we insist on sticking our noses into their corruption.

    So why aren't we making plans to leave? Certainly it can't have anything to do with all the success we have had, because there is precious little to show for the lives lost and fortunes wasted in that hellhole.

    A republican presidential candidate could separate himself or herself from the pack by making this same argument, but of course they won't, because they are hypnotized by the neo-cons and the sight of a military uniform.
  7. Looking more closely, it seems Afghanistan only wants us to fight in the mountains of Afghanistan or in Pakistan. They seem to be saying they dont want any operations near civilians or populated towns. The US is there under some mandate from the UN, I believe. Whether the mandate says the gov't of Afghanistan can ask us to leave, I don't know. So, this seems like a legal issue as to whether the gov't of Afghan., which did not exist in 2001, now has the power to end our mandate.