Karen the Supertrader - TastyTrade Hybrid Experiment

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Sweet Bobby, May 18, 2016.

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    Great month, Bobby!

    At first glance, $49k in premium seems like a lot. I wonder if it would be useful to keep a daily log of your theta within your net liq chart/table. This could provide a view of portfolio risk relative to its size.
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  4. Pekelo


    I am actually curious if either Karen or Sosnoff are aware of the Bobby/Yahoo experience? Since the Yahoo group has been around for 3 years now, we could assume that they know about it. It must hurt Karen that a bunch of yahoos (forgive my pun) safely outperforming her strategy. I am guessing her helpers didn't know much about risk or options, they must have been just trade executioners.

    And if Sosnoff knows about the Yahoo group, he should mention the boys, that see, it isn't the strategy itself that was bad but the execution of it or too much leverage...
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    Also, does the 25% retention from the Tastytrade research reference the premium or theta? 25% premium retention seems high if you're exiting at 50% of initial credit.
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  6. Here's where I could use some help. Dr. Data from Tastytrade incorporates live data into spreadsheets. I wish there was a way to have my live Greeks populate within the spreadsheet. Is that even possible? Probably not since I think you have to have TOS open for the data to populate.
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  7. Within the yahoo group, Keith, Tom, Tyler and myself have developed entirely different strategies. Karen was clueless as to keeping track of her delta. I figure she didn't look at the other Greeks as well. I do believe we have improved upon Karen's strategy.
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  8. It applied to both. There is a particular Market Meaure segment on this. I will try to find it. Keep in mind that the 25% was based on selling 1 SD strangles. I just used the 25% as a loose guideline for my strategy as well.

    The $49k premium surprised me as well. But at no time did I exceed my theta limits and I never even got close to using 35% of my buying power. So I was able to sell that much premium and never violate the guidelines of my strategy.
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    The boys manage STRANGLES @ 50% of credit received. STRADDLES are managed @ 25% of credit received.
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    This why Sossy is helping you:

    Q. What’s the business model?

    A. We are a financial media IPTV (Internet Protocol television network), and a financial technology firm, but overall we are a financial content marketing firm. We get paid for lead generation for brokerage accounts and distribution of our content.


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