Karen the Supertrader - TastyTrade Hybrid Experiment

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Sweet Bobby, May 18, 2016.

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  1. newwurldmn


    I'm curious. If you have to obfuscate your profile (by saying you are a girl) why do you post that you run a 50MM family office (presumably yours), live in the Hollywood hills, mention that you are extensively published in the press, and then mention your programming background. Anyone who knows someone with two of those qualities will be able to de-anonomize you in 10 seconds.

    On one hand you take great pains to hide your identity (where btw you could have easily written nothing); on the other hand you go out of the way (unprovoked) to mention all sorts of details that make you "special."
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  2. 1) I don't need anyone's validation, and don't care about being "liked." That's for social media addicts and beta males.

    2) Yes, I know what mnemonic means without Googling it. I could also join Mensa if I wanted, but have zero interest in hanging around blowhards like you at the meetings.

    3) Ah, yet another incognito, uber successful ET trader/quant...or another Walter Mitty? You be the judge.

    OK, now back to the scheduled Karen the Supertrader discussion, or "How aggressively selling options can be different next time...well, until it isn't."
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  3. I didn't add any trades today because the account is maxed out. I'm still hoping for some significant downward movement in order to take care of my neglected problem children.

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  4. Hey, I have an idea for you guys: instead of the whole "shoot the messenger" exercise you're indulging in, how about instead you guys put your money where your mouth is and submit your little trading system to Quantopian? If it works, they'll push a ton of money at you and award you 10% of the alpha. If it doesn't, well... let's just say they've got a ton of people who can spot the holes and fallacies in your methodology. Then you can go after them, and throw barbs and trans-gender-phobic sleights. You'll be terribly, terribly popular, I'm sure.

    I'm really not very impressed with you guys so far.

    And yes, I'm sure you can de-anonymize me in ten seconds. That'll be a great trick. You can talk about me when I'm gone. That would be right now.

    TL;DR: put up or shut up.
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  5. Amalgam


    So you come out shooting and when someone shoots back you just quit? Bye.

    BTW, literally no one here is trying to "impress you."
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  6. newwurldmn


    Ooh. straw man argument.

    Guys who "generate a helluva a lot of alpha" talk about quantopian and resort to arguments about trading prowness.

    Just to confirm: you want us to put up real trading returns against your fictitious life claims.
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  7. My thoughts exactly. I guess he/she is too busy talking to Ray Da(h)lio, burning $1,000 bills and cruising in a lambo with a hot chick/guy/trannie* to do the Quantopian thing. But we're supposed to.

    * I couldn't care less about the "trans-gender-phobic" label. But I'm only "going there" because we don't know if our billionaire quant is a 36-year old lady, a 50-ish man or a 22-year old in his parents' basement.
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  8. Maverick74


    Maxed out? As in your personal level or max margin?
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  9. Back to the experiment, the account was up around $500 for the day and up $3230 since inception. I sold a single SPY put today at 20 deltas. I am still maxed out on the account and my theta is higher than my desired limit. One of my strangles closed today at 50% profit. I will add these two trades to my spreadsheet tomorrow. I'm heading into the final week of my summer classes and each minute of time is precious.

    Happy trading!

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  10. Great question, Maverick. There are two things that I look out to tell me that I've gotten too big. The first is my theta. My ideal number is equal to 1/10 of 1% of my net liq. My range for this $150k account is between 100 and 150 theta per day.

    The second way that I know that my account is too big involves a look at the analyze tab. I stress the account for a 20% down move with a 30 point increase in volatility. I also stress to the upside by 15%. As I look now a 20% down move would pretty much wipe me out. I got in this position because I've been trading on my iPhone and I can't see the analyze tab. On the rare dates that I am trading from my laptop I check to see where I'm at. So for now, I'm out of ES and into spy until some of my ES positions close out.
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