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    Had a close shave myself lately - but have it back to 12.68% return for last month - keep that going and I will be very happy camper!

    Just need to keep calm now and not start risking too much - it is no good unless you hold on to it!

    Keep pecking away like woody the woodpecker:)


    Screen Shot 06-30-16 at 02.47 PM.PNG

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    You have my support anyway - how did you get the excel file into the post, is it an online excel sheet in google or something similar?

    I was doing a good bit on ES options lately, but switched to futures with better results as of late - still do the odd few options trades, but my main focus now is on NQ and ES/NQ spreads, and will be doing a bit on FTSE MIB options and futures shortly, as the FT MIB has unreal volatility during normal markets, let alone at the moment!

    Done a lot of option trades on FTSE 100 index in the past and might revisit that also - but have to learn to crawl again before I can walk, as I was away from trading for a good few years and just getting back into it now.


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    Can you add a column in excel sheet for time of trade and underlying price at this time - it can be very helpful later on when looking back on trades and results.

    Also, if you can, add delta and theta for each leg - you can use the group/ungroup feature in excel to add these, then collapse them to not take up the whole sheet - but I think you know this already?


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    Got it, thx.

    I don't see the grouping features, but if you want you can add a tab for each trade with all the key info - just a suggestion, but I think it can help to refine strategy and improve on timing.

    I was sorry I did not do it for all my FTSE 100 index option trades back in 2007, as I had 85 winners in a row, and now I have to go back thru my diary, get all the details, and go back on charts to get the price of underlying for that day - but that is a good bit away yet, only when I can walk again:)

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  5. I have added the column for delta for each leg. I am rounding this number and I'm not including decimal places. I am actually entering the Probability of In The Money.
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    Are they real trades or sim account - selling calls and puts without protection is very risky business!

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    I am not really interested in this Karen person, it is your excel sheet that caught my eye.

    First question for you - why did you sell and ES call with the ES down here - if anything, it was a short put trade, with protection of course!


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  8. Oh, even an advanced level trader have a losing day...but I am more interested in what affected him to make such a decision. The most difficult part of trading I find is whether a pullback is a pullback or reversal but I think now I am getting better with that.
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  9. I trade in three different real accounts with different strategies. The trades that I post in this thread are isolated in a $150k paper money account. I do implement most of these trades in my live account, but it depends on what the Greeks are telling me in my other accounts.
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    Losing should not matter, as it is part and parcel - it is losing way too much that matters!

    As RN rightly says, no sense in throwing away good money!

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