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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Sweet Bobby, May 18, 2016.

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  1. This made me laugh. It's probably easier (and in light of Karen's recent issues), that I just report YTD unrealized from April 5, 2016.
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  2. RRY16


    You should start a charity/foundation like Karen and Woodie CCI...are you from the South?
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  3. You're killing me! Yes I'm from the South! I live in Georgia but I've always claimed Alabama as home. Let's get that charity kick in'!
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    Amen Sweet Bobby! Amen!....Roll Tide!
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  5. I'm a big Alabama fan. I'm working on my graduate degree from the University of Alabama! Roll Tide!
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  6. stepan7


    Spreadsheet from first post hard to analyze. My question has nothing to do with Karen.

    With all do respect, am I ask you something?
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  7. Stepan7, here's the link to my spreadsheet.

    It has two tabs at the bottom. If you click on the Net Liq tab I keep a running total of the Net Liq as well as a nice little graph of the net liq.

    Let me know if you have any trouble accessing the spreadsheet.

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  8. stepan7


    What is running P/L ?

    Your current positions may have profit/loss. How it's reflected in the spreadsheet?
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  9. It is on page 2 of the spreadsheet. The running p/l since April 5 is $1,729.
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  10. Lots of activity in the experiment today.

    According to my mechanical parameters, I was time to buy back my

    SPY 15 JUL 16 206C(1)/206P(1) Straddle

    The trade made a profit of $45.

    My very first GTC order closing a trade at a 2X loss kicked in and bought the:
    SPY 22 JUL 16 224C(1)/196.5P(2)

    The trade lost $320.

    I did some delta adjustments and sold some calls:
    SPX 29 JUL 16 2170C(1)
    SPX 5 AUG 16 2175C(1)

    If my profit/loss targets are not hit, I will close the 29 JUL 16 call after 24 days, and I will close the 5 AUG 16 call after 29 days (for this one that will leave 21 DTE).

    I also bought a little junk SPY put for a nickel.
    SPY 16 SEP 16 85(1)

    My rationale was that since I made $45 from the straddle trade, I would spend about 1/10th of that on a long put.

    The experiment is up $315 for the day and up $1,729 since April 5, 2016.

    Theta is 224, delta is 75, vega is -1033, and gamma is -67.

    Happy Trading!

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