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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Sweet Bobby, May 18, 2016.

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  1. Maverick74


    I understand, but a 50% return on a trade is not how people measure trades. It does not mean the trade was successful. It simply means you are using leverage and your denominator is small. When I make sports bets I always earn 100% on my wins before I pay the juice. But this is true of ALL sports bettors. In other words, it does NOT allow me to differentiate between all other sports bettors. Hope that makes sense.
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  2. Yes it certainly does. Some people prefer to piss in the toilet, others prefer to piss off the back porch. I prefer the latter.
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  3. Two trades today. I closed my 30 JUN 16 216C(3)/177P(1) for a $53 loss. This is my first official losing trade since I started the experiment on April 5th. I mechanically closed it after 24 days.

    I sold to open 22 JUL 16 223C(1)/196P(2) ratio strangle.

    Theta is a very nice 140, delta is -136, vega is -743, gamma is -106.

    The experiment is down $29 for the day.

    Happy trading!

    #233     Jun 9, 2016
  4. One trade Friday. I sold the SPY 22 JUL 16 222C(1)/191P(2).

    The account was down $600 for the day.

    Theta is 187, delta is 116, vega is -771, and gamma is -95.

    Happy trading!

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  5. Quit it with the theta, delta, vega, gamma.....they are just statistics....of PAST price movement.
    They have little to no bearing on the outcome of an options trade.

    Great options trading is about taking a counter-intuitive trade.....and garnishing big profits in a short period of time.
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  6. I will post whatever I please. This is my journal. Move along you idiot and condemn somebody else. This is my strategy you fool.
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  7. Clearly you have no depth of knowledge with options trading. You clearly don't understand the Greeks.
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  8. At least you've ignored Rho...which of course is useless in this low interest rate environment.
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  9. Just because I look at the Greeks doesn't mean that I'm encouraging anyone else to look at them. It helps me. If someone looks at MACD or head and shoulder patterns or abandoned babies and it helps them, good for them. Who am I to criticize.

    Now, let's have a short lesson on what a constructive post might look like. Let's say you think I'm the dumbest trader in the planet and you can't believe that I post my daily Greeks because they are meaningless. First, you could ignore my post. Second, you could bash me and tell me to stop the foolishness. Or third, you could respond with a warm and friendly post that goes something like this:

    "Hey Bobby, I've been following your posts and I see that you are posting your daily Greeks. In my personal experience, I have found them to be totally useless to my trading. Could you please share why you share them and why you think they are important to your style of trading? Thanks!"

    I respect posts that question me. But to come on here and just tell me to stop it - that helps no one.

    Happy trading!

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  10. This post remind me Howard. The strategy will appear works for most of the time and will attract some amateur traders (in reality it is only a position with HIGH risk LOW reward, win small most of the time with ridiculous risk) , until one day when s*** hit the fan and the thread close.
    #240     Jun 12, 2016
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