Karen the Supertrader - TastyTrade Hybrid Experiment

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Sweet Bobby, May 18, 2016.

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  1. F_488


    There was a group of 7 including Karen. 6 Traders and 1 number cruncher. The number cruncher worked out how much money Karen made each day. Karen's words on Video 2. Videos Published on 16th Oct 2012.
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  2. F_488


    Just noticed all the Karen the Super Trader Tasty Trade video's are back on youtube for anyone who's interested.
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  3. Pekelo


    The SEC Complaint said 2 of the 3 knew, because they were instructed by Karen each month of the exact number they had to make up. The video did mention more traders, 5-6. Maybe they were divided between the 2 funds...
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  4. CBC


    AAHAHHA, well the number cruncher would have got sacked as soon as the fund took "catastrophic" losses. They were no longer required anymore XD

    That accounts for 1 of them.
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  5. So I was in the garage yesterday, drinking a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 and shooting roaches with a pellet gun, when all of the sudden some GTC orders caused my phone to buzz.

    These three positions were closed at 50% profit:

    It must have been the effects of the MD 20/20, but I then went on a trading frenzy and entered the following positions:

    The experiment was down $255.93 for the day.

    Happy trading!

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  6. Three trades today. I sold the 22 JUL 16 224C(1)/196.5P(2) ratio strangle. As I was putting in my GTC orders, I entered 81.00 instead of 0.81 and the trade closed for my first realized loss in the experiment. Fat fingered mistake.

    So I reopened the ratio strangle and this time got the GTC orders corrected. I'm a newbie.

    The experiment is down $236 on the day.

    Theta is 133, delta is -281, vega is -757, and gamma is -126.

    Happy trading!

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  7. F_488


    Bobby good to see your back
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  8. Good to be back! Being here is just like going to my wife's family reunion. You don't want to talk to Uncle Ted, but the potato salad is still pretty tasty.
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  9. Maverick74


    Bobby, can I make a suggestion? I see a lot of guys on ET do this so you are not the only one, and that is report your return on a trade. First of all, reporting a return on any individual trade is really quite trivial and reveals nothing meaningful about what you are doing. You could report the return on the total notional capital but even that is rather meaningless. What is meaningful is at the end of the year you take your return on notional capital and divide it by your standard deviation over the course of the year and compare that return to the risk adjusted return of the S&P 500. Just a suggestion. Saying you made 50% on a trade is like me betting on Golden State and saying I made a 100% return on my money because they won.
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  10. Thanks for the suggestion. The trivial reporting of the trade is for my benefit only. I will certainly take your suggestion for the end of the year reporting. Studies have shown that people who track their daily food intake are more successful at weight loss than those who do not track. Hopefully my posting of my success and failures here will be beneficial to ME as well.
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