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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Sweet Bobby, May 18, 2016.

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  1. Projecting that out would be an annualized 15.25%.
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  2. "Projecting that out" is a foolish way to trade because you do not project out in trading, you look back at the end of the year and see how much you actually made. Risking $2000 a week to make $440 based on the trade week in and week out does not project out to anything unless you can prove you can do it for 52 weeks. One week can wipe out two months and then where are your returns?

    Don't get fooled by the "projected out" game of earnings to be attracted to a strategy. Annualizing strategies is bullshit used to trick people how one trade can show superior annual returns. Beginners usually look at 30% annualized returns and go all in and end up losing money.
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  3. isotope


    I sometimes buy 1 delta SPX puts to protect my butterflies when the SKEW index is very high. I sell them off when SKEW comes down again. SPX puts are typically more cost effective than VIX calls. For longer term protection, I hedge my portfolio with long SPY diagonals. e.g.
    BOT +30 DIAGONAL SPY 100 16 DEC 16/15 JUL 16 265/211 PUT @53.12
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  4. Actually, this was the foolish comment. Ok. I'll bite. Please share with us a safer way of making $440 per week. I can't wait for your wisdom to be poured out upon my thread for the benefit of all.
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  5. Sell 4 ES weekly ATM straddles
    Buy 3-4 50 point wide weekly ATM butterflies
    Do diagonal weekly spreads on ES using OTM calls and puts and trade every two weeks
    Put on a broken wing butterfly with slight bias

    Study intraday movements in ES and try to earn 4 points a week net on trading 2 contracts

    Should I chew your food for you as well?

    Instead of making comments when someone points out the weakness in your thinking...someone who sold credit spreads for 3-4 years straight, try and think about what could happen if you are wrong. Something most newbies do not do and end up losing money.

    Find experienced traders that will confirm that your approach is viable for the long-term (for God's sake, the person who inspired you to do this was pointed out to be a fraud and it is shown she had losses of maybe 1/3 of her account of OPM) or that risking $2000 weekly to make $440 is smart financial analysis and then we will talk.

    I don't need to spoonfeed you ways to make money when you show no desire to listen to experienced traders here pointing out facts, the best way is for you to continue trading this and let the market teach you rudely rather than us doing so politely.

    There is no incentive for me to show you the reality because you made it clear that you don't want to hear it. market is dead right now so things look really good.
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  6. You sir should change your screen name. You don't have the heart of a coach or a teacher. I pray no one is paying you to be an options coach. Inexperienced traders such as yourself are scared by out of the money naked options. I get it. They're not for you. That's fine. This is an experiment. You like to troll this thread and post your snippy snide remarks. If it gives you your jollies, then fine.

    Any troll such as yourself can come on hear and make such vague little remarks about there being much safer ways to make $440 a week and then offer absolutely no alternatives. Then you have the gall to mention your little amateurish vague strategies above.

    I tell you what coach. Instead of just offering your useless blabber, give some specific strikes and trades. Let's see your $440. Post the strikes, and I will fade your trades and probably make more than you. You offer nothing but condemnation. You just want to get on here and bash the strategy that I'm just experimenting with! Your contributions to this thread thus far are useless. Up your game, man, or get the hell out.

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  7. It is just a nickname...are you really sweet or is it a nickname. I have two full posts in your thread with direct polite advice but you blew it off.

    Inexperienced traders are scared hahaha of OTM naked options haha..... dude I have posted trades on here with more risk than you will earn in many years, and EXPERIENCED traders do not whore themselves with selling premium constantly week to week or month to month.

    Find me an experienced option trader who will say your strategy is a smart risk/reward ratio and has high risk adjusted rates of return. Seriously...

    Ha ha....i stopped helping people years ago because they are all like you..beginners who think they know it all. You think you are selling theta when you are heavily short gamma. I guarantee you have no idea what that previous sentence means but you know more than me.

    Also, what incentive is there for me to post trades to prove to you something several traders posted here to explain to you but you ignore. The above are not vague strategies by the way....i can pull in any option trader who will read the first 2 for example and can pull an option chain up and post an example in 1 minute. Since your understanding of options is basic it would not help to go into detail here. The more experienced option traders here already agree with me so I do not need to convince them of anything.

    They are not vague strategies...you are just a newbie who does not understand them. Anyone here who trades options can pull as weekly 50 wide ATM Fly or quote the ATM weekly straddle.

    I will let you walk down this path but please refrain from thinking those who criticize you are inexperienced. Also Karen is a fraud and think about why she had to hide losses if this strategy works so well.
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  8. ironchef


    Don't get mad at optioncoach because you think he is rude. If I were you I would get upset only if he did not provide useful input. After thinking through, his posts gave some specific examples and made a lot of sense to me.

    Anyway, I enjoy your posts and am very interested to see how your strategy plays out.

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  9. F_488


    Just read this on the Tasty Trade website.

    Like many, we are concerned about the SEC investigation into the accounting and reporting practices of Karen Bruton and her firm Hope Advisors. Ms. Bruton is not an employee of tastytrade and last appeared and was interviewed on the network 2 years ago, as a guest. In light of the investigation, we have removed all past videos airing Ms. Bruton for the time being. We at tastytrade believe in full and transparent disclosure by money managers and will continue to advocate on behalf of the retail trading community.
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  10. F_488


    Also all the Tasty Trade Karen the Super Trader Youtube Videos have disappeared. It was only a matter of time.
    #160     Jun 3, 2016
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