Karen the Supertrader - TastyTrade Hybrid Experiment

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Sweet Bobby, May 18, 2016.

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  1. I challenge you to a competition for 2018. My returns bs your returns! You brave enough?
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  2. I don't need to challenge you, or anyone else, (and I could care less about anyone's else's performance) if/when the time comes ...you will know and see.
    I won't be shy or modest or conservative about it.

    I'm looking at and aiming for compounded, leverage/option gains. -- Without sounding too pompous or arrogant or anything...but I like to think I have the stuff to pull off such a relatively rare feat. -- I kind of like to think of it as a bank heist of some sort,
    Kind of like Clive Owen in Inside Man 2006 movie. he's calm, cool and collected -- and succeeded on his goal/mission,

    Good luck and Mazal Tov and Merry New Year and Make Trading Great Again 2018
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  3. Ok paper trader! I understand. I would be scared too. You are a dreamer and not a doer. You are a critic and not an encourager. Obviously you lead a miserable existence and you try to bring others down. I am a doer. I am an achiever. I am amazingly happy and have found true joy. I enjoy exploring and making myself a better trader and human being. I have an amazing career and family. I’m working on my PhD and I’m surrounded by people who love me and encourage me. And then there’s you sitting in misery and waiting for my demise. You sir are not worthy to be a flea on my hairy ass! Have a great new year you miserable bastard!


    Sweet Bobby
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  4. That single sentence, or phrase,...pretty much automatically makes you a horrible trader.
    And it's not just my simple, humble opinion.

    I have kind of studied and analyzed every single major trader in history and spent countless hours/years watching Youtube, etc etc various stuff on trading/traders.
    I kind of semi-understand the ideal mold and what it takes to truly succeed fruitfully.
    And when I mean 'succeed'....I mean so in great abundance -- Not just being happy with a few % points above the market index.

    For someone who is a Phd candidate...you would have think you would have explored trading on your own after all these years...and not just blindly copy Karen's fake Tastytrade strategy.
    You have no inquisitive initiative lightbulb in your head, robot square personality. You were easily hooked by that millions grown story. like a two-faced, two bit salivating scientist that has a price.

    Sweet and Sour Beef 2018
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  5. And yet you don’t even trade yourself! Pitiful!
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  6. Omigosh, 2017 had to be the worst year ever for selling premium....
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  7. Hey YouTube watching paper trader, my strategy evolved from Karen’s and is now entirely my own . If you could afford $99 a month, I might teach you some things! . But I wouldn’t take money from a broke fool. Have a great year watching your YouTube videos and I’ll keep making real money. Give me the address of the bridge you’re living under and I’ll send you a game of Monopoly! Piss on that, freak!
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  8. Overnight


    One of these days, Sweet Bobby and LL are going to fall into a pit, and one of them is going to get cut into little pieces!

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  9. Sweet and Sour Bobby already fell into the pit all by himself. -- He failed in a year when the market rose.
    He doesn't need to be matched up against an opponent to put him in his place.

    He strikes me as a middle class, simpleton, middle America, heartland, farm land, pancake boy...the ideal demographic for TastyTrade and Karen's millions wooing success story.
    Fool's gold captured, not the real Indiana Jones.

    Tastytrade has segments called Rising Stars...and they all basically underperform the market. hilarious.
    They make them out to be market geniuses -- And you can accomplish that too.

    Collecting small insurance premiums, and throwing straddle darts all over the place...hoping one will drastically pay off.
    Tom Sosnoff...the powdered jelly donut. and Tony Battista...the cheap cigar. caricatures....entertaining half-brain dead Joes and Janes.
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  10. KeLo


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