Karen the Supertrader - TastyTrade Hybrid Experiment

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Sweet Bobby, May 18, 2016.

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  1. Why are people so obsessed with that Karen story
    ...they see an old grandma lady...and many millions and their brains turn to marshmallow Disneyland, o_O
    Thinking if an old lady can do it...I CAN DO IT too,

    All she is doing is simply selling options, collecting that small premium,
    and dynamically shifting things around when things start to look ugly.

    Her strategy is hardly nothing to write home about.

    Karen ran a Ponzi scheme, and misrepresented client funds...as her own growth net trading profits,
    Hence, all the Sensationalism surrounding that story,

    That story was kind of obvious Something was amiss,
    You can't generate explosive exponential growth by selling options -- You have to be a directional buyer, if you want to achieve that,

    Harder, sure,...riskier...sure -- but also much more potentially rewarding,

    Sweet and Sour Bobby has been lured to the dark side because of the allure of money and Karen's story and Tastytrade,
    One soul for the devil,
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  2. Pekelo


    That is not how it works. It is irrelevant what commenters do or don't (not a valid argument), and can't be checked anyway. What relevant is though, that Bobby's result is very inferior even to Karen's returns. I would expect at least a 0.5%/month, so about 4% after 8 months. He did only half of that and I also think he is over trading.

    We appreciate that he shares his real money experience, but he needs to grow a little thicker skin.
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  3. Gotcha


    I like you i960, and I understand how dangerous it is what Bobby is doing, but for anyone to say his returns are shit better damn well be prepared to show how masterful they are in their trading. Any example submitted to this board of real trades in real time end mostly badly. Do we have super star traders like bone or Maverick showing us their trades? No. They fucking talk the talk but can't walk the walk. Does lawrence-lugar ever talk about his trading? No. I also don't see you posting any stats either.

    I firmly firmly firmly believe that any trader who criticizes someone else's return better be prepared to show they are doing better. This is what this argument is about. Not about Karen, or his strategy, etc.
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  4. Gotcha


    He did say that Karen was only the basis of what he does. He did also say that he started with some losses because he didn't follow his system the way he did in SIM, so it took him a while to crawl out of the drawdown.

    He doesn't need to a grow a thicker skin. Those who criticize his returns need to show something tangible. In fact, the argument can be made that Bobby is doing much better than many funds that are negative for the year. He probably sits right in the middle of the pack with his 1.85% return.

    But once again, this isn't about the pure number, its about anonymous posters who belittle his performance "as if" they are doing so much better and yet the truth is probably much bigger.

    Given how ET works, I bet if we did a poll of average dick size, we would see that its over 12 inches based on all submissions. I also bet that those claiming to have the biggest dick would probably not be willing to be measured by an independent panel.
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  5. I'm now up 1.95%! Shit's turning around!
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  6. atrp2biz


    I'm Asian. I would lose this contest for sure!
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  7. Gotcha


    At ET, you can be whatever you want to be!
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  8. DTB2


    People posting real time trades is not the issue, the issue is that trading is not just blindly selling premium at historic low vol.

    That mentality is to trading what order takers are to salesmen.

    Think about, and really let that soak in a bit.
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  9. "Her strategy is hardly nothing to write home about."

    Think you meant something diff
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  10. i960


    Gotcha, I hear what you're saying but it's not about the returns that are the issue. It's about the asymmetric risk being taken on to get those returns and how the takeaway to others might be that that is a sound or safe strategy.
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