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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Sweet Bobby, May 18, 2016.

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  1. @ atrp2biz Let me add some context to my undefined risk statement. If you are using 50% or more of net liq you are in danger of taking substantial losses. I am going to make an educated guess and say Sweet Bobby uses more than 50% of net liq.
    What do you consider a high degree of leverage? I am market neutral.
    Based on your statements you seem to be a pretty confident trader what is your YTD % gain or loss? How much leverage do you use in your account?
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  2. atrp2biz


    I'm unclear if these two points were meant to be tied together because low leverage is not synonymous with being flat delta.

    If you are using 50% of net liq for defined risk spreads, the amount of leverage you are using is a lot higher than you think.

    This is the wrong question to ask. My % gain YTD would be a function of the amount of leverage or risk I am taking. My YTD returns are a hell of a lot lower than 25%. However, my confidence is not in the size of my returns, but in knowing that my account will never blow up. I measure my risk not by buying power but by the notional value of the options.
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  3. I said I trade market neutral so you would understand that my returns did not come from being long as you indicated as a possibility.
    My recent gains 25% YTD and 76% over last 12 months are based on using 50% of my net Liq. However I have recently added a decent chunk of change to my account and I have lowered my leverage to using 25% of net liq. If I can continue at my current pace (Yet to be seen) I will be able to bring 30% or better returns based on using 25% of net liq.
    Do you think I will blow up my account using defined risk while using 25% of net liq? I do not. What leverage are you using in terms of Net Liq? And what are your returns? I hope you are staying away from undefined risk.
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  4. The key to not blowing up is position sizing. People that blow up have on too many positions. I utilize approximately 25% of my net liq and I can go up to 50% in high volatility. That's the key. Keep it small. Tastytrade research.
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  5. You are incorrect Pekelo. I sell strangles, not puts.
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  6. Let's don't complicate things. Here's my strategy. Sell options between 60 to 30 DTE on ETFs and Indexes. I generally pick the ones with higher volatility. I try to use between 25 - 50% of my buying power. I want to collect .01 to .5%thetadecay per day. Attempt to maintain negative delta at a 2 to 1 ratio to vega. I close trades either at 50% profit; at a loss of 2x the initial credit received; or close the position when it reaches 1/2 of its original DTE, regardless of profit or loss. Simple, simple, simple!
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  7. sss12


    @Sweet Bobby Honest question, no bustin' stones. Have you calculated your expectancy ? In the simplest terms is the 50% profit more than the 2x initial credit loss across the board ?
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    Also, any tilt to a direction of delta, or just random ? Thanks
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  9. Yes, the win rate is 80% plus. It has positive expectancy. I ram The Numbers some time ago.
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  10. I try to always maintain some negative delta.
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