Karen the Supertrader - TastyTrade Hybrid Experiment

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Sweet Bobby, May 18, 2016.

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  1. Here's the final results for the experiment. It began on April 5, 2016. The account was up $64,043.78 for the year (42.69% return). I now have enough data to justify taking the experiment "live."

    Here's the plan for 2017. Yesterday, I closed all of my real money accounts with TD Ameritrade and closed all of my positions. The experimental paper money account is finished.

    Next week I will be opening new accounts with Tom Sosnoff's new brokerage, tastyworks, and the experiment will be "live." I have not decided whether to write about the results or to post a trade log as I have with the experiment. I've actually considered doing a live video of my daily trades, but I'm not sure what the benefit of that would be since my strategy is very mechanical and somewhat boring.

    I hope you all have a great 2017! Happy Trading!

    Sweet Bobby
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  2. Stymie


    This is will be an interesting experiment to quantify the real cost of slippage and poor execution of orders in front of high velocity traders in real markets. I will be interested to know just how wide the differential is - be interesting if you go from up 64K to down xx dollars as a result of execution and slippage. That would be my guess. Keep us updated on results.
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  3. algofy


    Excited to see how this plays out. Best of luck SB.
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  4. Pekelo


    1. Why did you switch from TDA? Better margin, or lower commission?

    2. Can you post at least a monthly update?

    3. It would be interesting to see if you could also do sim trading with the real, even if just for a month. Then you could get a quick comparison and you would know what to expect for the rest of the year...
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  5. It looks like the commission on some products is better and on others it's about the same. I'm going to tastyworks because of the education I have received over the past five years. I'm not blindly loyal, however. If their commissions were significantly higher I would not leave.

    The thing I will miss most is the analyze tab on TOS. This is how I stress tested my positions. Going forward, I presume I will keep my positioning in line by monitoring my theta and my buying power. I will not have theta greater than .5% of my net liq and I won't use more than 35% of my buying power.
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  6. Leave $500 in the TOS account and use it for the tools
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  7. My previous posts to Bobby .. (long before he come to the conclusion that he found the holy grail)

    Sometime I have to admit trading is really MAX pain (especially day trading, amateur that never understand risk/reward, clueless on how the MM prices options in REAL & PRACTICAL way (hint: not the basic black schlodes that you can find anywhere in internet and etc), it will build your false confident and then hit you with the hardest. You though you "got it" and begin to trade with real money, and then, it hits you the hardest ..
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  8. You and you alone make the assumption that I have found the holy grail. I've never ever said anything of the sort. Your comments are childish.

    All that I ever attempted to do was conduct a learning experiment. I learned a lot. It appears you have learned nothing.

    Now I go live and I will continue to learn. Best wishes.

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  9. algofy


    Keep doing your thing SB.
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  10. Good luck.
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