Karen the Supertrader speaking at tastytrade ‘s Geeks on Parade

Discussion in 'Options' started by Sweet Bobby, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Tom Sosnoff announces that Karen will be speaking! All the haters that said she was going to blow up and go out of business, let the hate begin! She’s doing well and so am I!
  2. Robert Morse

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    How do you know? Do you have a recent tear sheet?
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  4. Overnight


    Is this really a pic of some of the tastytrade crew, as captured from their website?


    Hehe, no thanks.
  5. destriero


    FraudCON 2019.

    She rolled indefinitely to hide 10s of millions in losses. She should be doing time not perpetuating this fraud.

    Sosnoff is a moron.
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  6. MarkBrown


    so she was selling premium and collecting fees at the end of the month then lose her ass on the trade the following month to the tune of 50 million. so she was willing to lose 50 million of customer funds to generate a few million for herself in fees.

    that whole tasty trade thing looks like a huge scam to me.
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  7. Overnight


    Well, yeah, duh!? Didn't you see my post about the pic on their website?

    Oh, that's right, Mark Brown has me on a weird ignore/block thingy, where I can see he replied, but he cannot see that I replied to his reply. He's a moron too I suppose.
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  8. qlai


    I don't get it ... So you are happy with your strategy and you mentioned it's similar to hers, that's fine. But why are you advertising the association with a fraudster? Didn't you say you tweaked the strategy anyway?
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  9. I knew the nut cases would come out tonight. Clueless trolls who know absolutely nothing. Karen is not a fraud. She continues to make money. You guys are insanely jealous and dont understand the game. There is NO way Sosnoff would have her on stage if he had any doubts about Karen’s story. Sit back and enjoy the ride, boys!
  10. qlai


    So would you recommend her method as she teaches it? Why did you modify it? I will assume you will not disclose what you modified.
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