Kar Rove Resigns

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZZZzzzzzzz, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. That guy was one tough hombre.

    He said some interesting stuff in interviews recently -

    A lot of it minimizes the effect of Iraq on how we vote and I kind of agree with him because it seems closer to what I saw people near me say.

    - He thinks the midterm defeats were caused mostly by the well publicized scandals.

    -He's telling Repblicans running in 08 to distance themselves from the culture of corruption in DC.

    - Then he was talking about the rise of spirituality in America and how that's a force that's here to stay.

    None of this means anything really for Reps - they're still toast next year. They'll be blamed for scandals and those dumb fundamentalists vote Rep anyway - even when they din't get anything these last 8 years :D Rich Reps and Dems and the corps. got all the money. :p
  2. I guess he thinks that this will be enough to keep the subpeonas from being served, probably a wise move on his part. Love him or hate him, I would never call the man stupid. Scary maybe, but not stupid.

  3. He had a good run at making the Democrats look stupid and then ultimately, his administration