Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital

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  1. Originated in 1978. Obama was born in 1961.

    Bueller, Bueller, Bueller...

    A Century of Care for Hawaii's Women and Children

    This is the story of two hospitals: Kauikeolani Children's Hospital and Kapi‘olani Maternity Home.

    Concerned about the welfare of Hawaii's mothers, Queen Kapi‘olani held luau and bazaars to raise the $8,000 needed to open Kapi‘olani Maternity Home in 1890. She endowed her legacy with “Kulia i ka nu‘u” or “Strive for the highest.”

    In 1908, Albert and Emma Kauikeolani Wilcox donated $50,000 to start a children's hospital. The community, concerned that two of every seven infants in Hawai‘i did not live to see their first birthday, rallied to match the Wilcox's gift. A year later, Kauikeolani Children's Hospital opened.

    The two hospitals joined in 1978 to become Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children. Staying true to its mission, the non-profit hospital has played a vital role in the health of Hawaii's women, children and adolescents. It is staffed with highly skilled, compassionate physicians and nurses, dedicated to providing the finest care for Hawaii's families
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    But it never did publicly go by the name on the birth certificates, even today. So, it seems that was a formal name for the hopital. It appears on other birth certificates from 1961 so I don't see this is an issue.

    You have to ask yourself, would Obama put out a fake birth certficate with the current Hawaii Registrars signature attesting to it's validity?

    The question that remains is why didn't he put this out two years ago? He supposedly spent millions in the courts keeping this secret. I think the answer is that he is so pissed at Corsi and his book coming out in May that he didn't want him to make a killing with the book and intended to ruin the release by producing his long form BC.
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    How'd that old t-shirt go? I'm not a real gynecologist, but I'll take a look...
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    Are you implying Obama is a pussy? :D
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    No, I'm saying bush is.

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    I own one, there are a couple of versions.

    Mine says "I'm not a gynecologist...but I can take a look".
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    I was sick and tired of the hole stinking bussiness.
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    Lol, that's the one, nice.

    You must have a "Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out" t-shirt too? : )
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