Kansas suspends tax refunds; may not make payroll

Discussion in 'Economics' started by MattF, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Notice bankrupt States don't reduce spending.

    They withhold paychecks and tax returns! Money that isn't theirs!

    That epitomizes Government attitude towards citizens - We Own You. Your Property is Our Property.

    This is a CRIMINAL ACT.
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    Come again?


    The terminator.
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  5. One of the biggest problems in the US is that Gummint it too large relative to the private sector.

    With this economic contraction, the ratio will likely INCREASE significantly... much to our disservice.
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    Seems Baracks plan. 1 Million Man Youth Core, and all that.

    Sucks, bro.
  7. Let's hope the Youth Corps doesn't turn out like Germany's SA... the Brown Shirts..
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    They're talking Enviro-Cops. Given the cult-like fervor surrounding global warming and early indoctrination of kids in school, it could be similar.

    Everyone thinks Germany happened in a Bubble. As if somehow that event was surreal and alien to the human experience.

    There was nothing different about it. Mass delusion.

    America is going down the exact same path.

    Imagine how Americans would respond if there was a nuke attack on a city? On several cities??? The Constitution would be gone over night. Mass panic. Everyone begging Government to protect them.

    Thats how close we are, IMO.
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    That idea that tax payers cant offset their tax bills with refunds that they never got is beyond absurd. I wonder what the supreme court would say about this
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