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    I think you're starting up too many new threads. It's taking away from this section.

    I'd suggested having one thread titled "Grain News/Articles" or something and posting the latest interesting article there.

    All the new threads you post make it just look like spam.
  2. +1.

    I had to put him on Ignore to avoid those threads, which are now polluting what was a good forum ( even if a bit sparse on new posts).

    I thought once of asking George what was the point of sharing all this easily-Googled 'news'. A fundamental trader has already seen it, the market has already priced it in.
  3. Where's the moderator? You have to search to page four before you get to a thread not started by this guy.
    Somehow burying every other thread in a subforum doesn't strike me as being behavior that should go unmoderated.
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    I respect your Opinions and i will stop to adding more Threads in continuous mode.

    But, i want to say,

    that noone have the option to stop me to write and say my opinion to that Forum,

    if keep the Rules of that Site in Full.

    Thank You,

    George Kanellopoulos.
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    I read the news ... but please post in ONE thread and you can go crazy.
  6. hey George, What's going on today? This would be a good thread to post your fundamental reports on. that way it doesn't hog up the whole ag forum. It's even got your name in the title.

    Now's the time to start looking at July wheat, that's the only contract I ever traded (outright)

    I guess they finally got KC trading electronically

    Not sure about Minneapolis
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    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/_FTQFwel69g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    are u that far behind?
  8. kanellop


    Hello Again.

    I wish to have and a Nice New Month August there.

    Some People which respect,

    does not want to continue that kind of Posts.

    Already, answer them that i respect their Opinions.

    Now, for today exist some important Grains News.

    One of them i receive it from the only Private Grains Research Company that i have a small Subscription.

    Say, in Short Words,


    Members of U.S.A Congress from both Parties,

    will make a Press Conference tomorrow for to urge EPA to reduce the Ethanol Mandate Blending.

    Also, 120 Members of U.S.A Congress signed a Letter to the EPA and request a reduction to the Ethanol Mandate Blending.

    Now, Federal Reserve does not announce anything significant.

    Another important is,

    that Richard Feltes of R. J. O'Brien based in their last 2 Days Letters,

    does not look that will exist a caught in the Ethanol Mandate Blending.

    The last Days, i watch quite close the CBOT Corn.

    I traded it.

    Right now, i decide to be in Short Position.

    I have Entry in Short Positions around 813.50 Cents per Bushel in December 2012 CBOT Corn with Stop Loss 850 Cents per Bushel.

    I have a "fill" for the CBOT Corn December 2012 Gap.

    Also, try to traded very little Long the Minneapolis Wheat of March 2013.

    I wanted to be in the July 2013 but that was not possible.

    Almost No Trading there.

    I exit without success and with Losses.

    I closed and my Minis CBOT Soybeans of November 2012 in the Average Price that bought them.

    Also, today i open some more Long Wheat Spread Positions in the Spread: Kansas City / Chicago March 2013.

    The other Long Wheat Spreads Positions that had in the Spread:

    Kansas City / Chicago May 2013 i closed them some Days ago.

    In general, i wait for any move from the Side of EPA and the 10th August 2012 USDA WASDE Report.

    Also, "does not likes me" that Kazakhstan have about 27 Million Tonnes of Wheat in availability.

    It is big Number.

    Now, i still watch the Australia Weather for Wheat and India Weather for Wheat and my new "feel" is for South America Weather.

    I have some Informations that the Brazil Soybeans Crop Areas have some Drought.

    For Fundamental Aspect the People that involved in Soybeans in Brazil had sell a big part of their Coming Crop before Planting.

    These are interesting News for to be "burned",

    if exist any trouble in their Coming Crop.


    Best Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  9. kanellop



    but i have a very big passion for this very serious U.S.A Exchange.

    Into there traded it,

    the best Quality Wheat in the World right now.

    It is a very important Exchange,

    more important that someone can imagine.

    Also, possibly hold the Record in the biggest Wheat Price ever traded it into an Exchange.

    That is the Mythical Number of 2425 Cents per Bushel.

    Best Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
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    i suggest u take an agricultural courses at an university (public). Sorry to say, u have no idea on what, why, and how farming works. If u are losing, that is because u lack higher education on Agricultural economics.


    Knowledge is Power
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