KANE TRADING bookset for sale!

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    Hello everyone,
    since I gave up on trading, I'm selling most of my market-related stuff. I have the complete set of books from:
    in mint conditions. If you're interested in Market Geometry, this set is a must have. Every REASONABLE offer will be considered. Please, note that I'm selling the whole set, not individual books. Any question, hit me up.
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    50 bucks,
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    The whole set goes for $700, and all of my books are like new. I'm not asking for the same price as new (even though there would be no difference at all) but for a fair price.
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    I just collect books I dont read them. I have Scott Carney book, Tim Morge book. A free book from ET member when he stopped trading. 50 is to cover S/H.
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    What you paid is less important than their true value, which doesn't seem to be all that much since you "gave up" on trading.
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    I'm sorry you paid $700 for books on trading using geometry.
  8. Roofer gives out a nice .886 retrace w/gap thread (Kane stuff)...


    I will offer $125.00 (if you haven't sold them within 2 weeks of Dec. 25th).

    Kane is a good guy; you just have to distill it down. There is WAY too much to cover everything...

    Much of his fib stuff (true fib retrace of less than 50% {I believe it is 47.2%) and the extensions that 'roofer' mentions in the thread are good 'targets' that do not lag.

    I always get confused between median lines and modified schiff median lines, etc...

    I don't really work with stocks or ETF's intraday; so roofer's thread doesn't completely speak to me; though it is kinda fucking cool that he shows how to measure fib retracement of .886 measured FROM THE GAP open on NYSE stocks and other exchanges.

    Yet I a bit torn in the sense that this appears alot like 'after the fact' trading examples.

    These are my thoughts; I welcome a further dialogue.

    p.s. Honestly though--Kane's trading books are MONSTROUS in length; judicious editing would have made his writings a bit more tolerable.

    Yet I could say the same things about my rambling posts as well.


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    What you do with them is not my issue. I just ask for a fair price.
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    If I quit trading, that doesn't mean those books/methods are worthless. By the same token, if you can't drive a Ferrari and decide to sell it, you should give it away for nothing because it's "undrivable".
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