Kamala the Clown

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  1. Not a good look to this.

    Probably had the shirts printed up before the debate.

    Kamala Harris is selling “That Little Girl Was Me” T-shirts hooked to her explosive desegregation comments at the Democratic debate on Thursday night. But the merchandise is being perceived by some as a cheap move.

    I wonder if we can expect tee shirts showing her on her knees with Willie saying "That Girl Was Me." Just sayin.

    Never forget that she is dumber than dogshit. Right now there is a lot of confusion by some in regard to what constitutes debate skills versus simply executing pre-canned campaign strategies. Note again, the number of comments and positions she has made and then had to stuff them back in her mouth when her handlers told her that she made a mistake.

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  2. She is a black female and as such she is beyond reproach.
    You sir are a racist and sexist.
    Just be glad this forum is anonymous or the lefty hate police would ruin your life.
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  4. Her act of commercializing her moment the next day after looks planned and fake and tacky as shit. She has some stupid people advising her...
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    Tony Stark


    Biden, Harris in virtual tie after dramatic shift in black support, poll shows

    Sen. Kamala Harris has catapulted into a virtual tie with frontrunner Joe Biden in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination — and she'smade significant inroads with black voters — following her widely praised debate performance last week, a new national poll Tuesday showed.
  7. Kamala could pick AOC as her VP and watch republican heads explode :sneaky:
  8. It is more than apparent that Skankala has people on her campaign who know how to put together a take down. Joe is a soft target......Warren not so much over time. But Skank has Marc Elias on her team or side now- who orchestrated dirty tricks against Trump.......so you know there will be bloodshed and plenty of lawbreaking to try to make the kill. Y'all think Trump was on Fauxcahontis's arse. Well Skankala now has Hillary's chief dirty tricks guy on Warren's arse so she can be expecting some real surprises before it is over. Joe was just a simple drive-by hit that was scheduled to come at some point, just a matter of when but not a lot of research or skill involved to get there. It's about like one of the dems nailing Kamala for locking up all the blacks on petty charges. It's coming, and you can set your clock by it and it is not all that creative and I am not going to give a big pantload of credit to whoever does it. If Skankala has Marc Elias though there will be "creativity" along with the predictable when it comes to going after Fauxca.

    Not their first time at the rodeo.

    Is Kamala The Chosen One? Top Harris Lawyer Is Same Operative Who Hired Fusion GPS For Hillary

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  9. Here we go Class. Right on schedule, Skankala is stuffing words back in her mouth that she just spit just the other day.

    "Sen. Kamala Harris said Wednesday that busing students should be considered by school districts trying to desegregate their locations — not the federal mandate she appeared to support in pointedly criticizing rival Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden last week."

    So, upon further walk-back, she supports busing as a local option but not federally mandated. IN OTHER WORDS, JOE BIDEN'S POSITION.

    As I said, she is fast and sloppy, just as Willie likes it. I am still not with some of y'all here who went gaga over her being "sharp and a skilled debater." I might get there when she gets there but she is not there yet. As I said, then- and now- she walks back most of the shit that comes out of her mouth within 48 hours. Refer to position on medicare for illegals, ditto, her position on voting rights for felons still incacerated, ditto. busing, ditto.

    She is dumber than dog-shiite. She and Warren are all they got after Bernie and Biden the non-starters trail downwards- so she will get plenty of attention and have to duke it out with another loser, Warren. I accept that. But please, please. Let's not have any talk about her being sharp. I even heard the word "charismatic" used a couple times. Hand me a barf bag please.

    Dumber than dog-shiite.

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