Kamala Harris: Another clown set to join the Dem Clown Show

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TreeFrogTrader, Jan 10, 2019.

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  2. It's almost like the democrats are totally consumed with identity politics or something. Tick off the right boxes and you can be dumb and corrupt and they are ok with that. Seriously though, if the American people want to vote for people who force them to allow adult male perverts to use the bathroom with their daughters, what can you do?
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    I got my first good look at Kamala at the Kavanaugh hearings. She tried to act like a prosecutor but Kavanaugh tied her up in minutes. She was utterly partisan and completely incompetent. She literally got shut down.
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  4. She is a third tier candidate but probably has a decent chance of being of being in the final running for VP if a white guy gets the top of the ticket. Right now, a lot of dems are serious about running white bread Sherrod Brown up the flagpole to see who salutes. If he- or a similar type- is nominated then they will need the obligatory token for the vp slot who can check off the woman, minority, progressive boxes.

    She is pretty dumb if you have ever listened to her. She has the dubious claim of being the "Queen of Sanctuary Cities" because she used her role as Attorney General in California to get that criminal protection program going. That will work in her favor with the dems because it puts the safety of illegal citizens above that of american citizens and that is multicultural and lets them get to see a lot of white folks being killed, which they like too.
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    she looks like a Tranny
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    Just contrast, for a moment, the Democratic nominee in 1960 with current liberal potentials. JFK was a war hero, loved his country, was positive and energetic and frankly scared the shit out of the Russians. That Democrat party appears to be gone. Now we have some kind of twisted racial/gender identity based party with insane objectives and deep hatred of America.
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  7. I wonder if they put Beto on the ticket, does he count as a woman?

    It's complicated.

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    I literally don't know anything about Beto. I will say he seems inexperienced and that photo looks more like someone bagging groceries at Publix than a serious national candidate.
  9. Publix? More like Food Lion.
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