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  1. just21


    Anybody know about kaballah? Does it help your trading?
  2. what the hell is it?

  3. The best possible result you'll achieve from mysticism and magic spells is a placebo effect. Dealing with objective reality is far more beneficial IMO, but it's up to you...
  4. corvus


    Hey Rearden, didn't you see Pi? :D
  5. Maverick74


    I can't believe you guys don't know what the Kaballah is.
  6. Is it an ancient form of publicity invented by Madonna? (borrowed from Saturday Night Live) :)
  7. If we're talking Jewish mysticism, I know a little about it. If we're talking about some obscure trading methodology or site, then I'm clueless. Which is it?
  8. Maverick74



    Hollywood seems to like the Kaballah.
  9. corvus


    Who wouldn't?
  10. Sure I did. His other movie (Requeim for a dream) is one of my favorite all time films. Just because I liked Pi, doesn't mean I believe that Kaballah has any value whatsoever.

    Have you seen Harry Potter? Doesn't mean magic spells actually work in real life.
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