Kaaba Stone 666 Nautical Miles from Temple Mount?

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  1. Is this true?

    Does it mean anything?
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    It might! To know for sure, we have to convert the distance to kilometers and see if we have a similar association.
  3. That piece of info would be hard to ignore if true. Looking for debunkers here honestly.
  4. I dont think a kilometer is a nautical mile, btw.
  5. I measured it with google maps. Its exactly 665.95 Nautical miles. Of course I cant verify if google maps is exact to 1/100th of a Nautical mile.

    But what is VERY VERY interesting is that 666 nautical miles away is a place near Istanbul called Cerkezkoy which is located in a geographical area called Thrace, named that way from the ancient greeks. They named it Thrace after Thrax, the son of the war god Ares, who was said to reside in Thrace. So...the son of a war god is 666 nm from the temple mount, and the kaaba (a representation of the war god allah) is also 666 nm away.

    Makes you think!
  6. lol wtf how do you know that?
  7. Shit.

    Not what I wanted to hear Peil. I got pale when that info was presented to me. And that is hard for me to do:)

    Einstein: God does not play dice.....
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    Given plate tectonic motion those distances would have been significantly different when those sites were occupied.

    lol kidding eheh :)
  9. Did you know that the Washington monument is 6660 inches tall?
  10. Do you know how improbable it is that a man named Barrack Hussein Obama, would become President of the United States?

    Think seriously about this. How many would have taken this bet if presented to us in say, 2007?
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