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  1. 9:23 AM 8/29/2014
    Narrow range expected <12pts
    Est range 7.75
    H1997.5 @ 8:32CT
    -7.75 = 1990
    low 1992.50 @9:12

    est mid 1996.75 -4 = 1992.75

    conclusion: low in place. range probably done for the day.
    back to bed.
  2. Code:
    Up    1997.00    1992.75    4.25
        29-Aug    28-Aug    6.00
    High    2001.75    1997.25    4.50
    Low    1992.25    1988.00    4.25
    Open    1998.75    1990.00    8.75
    Close    1999.75    1997.00    2.75
    Percent    79%    97%   
  3. I'm working hard to get myself positive.
    It's amazing how f-king stupid people are. Seems to leave little hope for the planet.

    In any case to ES.
    Yesterday I had Q61= 1999 and Q62 =1989.50
    (Q61 = first point and Q62= second point - I estimate and track turnpoints of 6pts or more).

    With Dir30 down and the o/n fork down the first leg was esi to be down - which it was
    Selling q61 of 99 would have been a great entry as the actual FP (firstpoint) was 1999.75 at 8:31
    -but I wasn't ready - sleep prbs.

    The range est was 7.75 and the first leg was -7.50 - so excellent! Well done!
    Then using 9.75 added to 1992.25 => 2002 versus HOD of 2001.75 !! Great!
  4. actual first leg Capture.PNG
  5. Here a review of gold
    (I don't trade gold BTW)

  6. xandman


    A lot of people are watching for that breakout.

    Anybody with good research that would produce/prevent that breakout? The net is littered with goldbugs.
  7. The chart was made for a fellow trader. (it is neutral nether bug nor bear ;) LOL).

    For myself to keep track I'll give myself a sim account and see how the trades would work out. So buy 2 > 1325 on a daily close with a stop-loss of 1290 and targets of 1346 and 1392.
    and Sell 2 < 1270 on a daily close with a stop-loss of 1290 and targets of 1240 and 1180

    Disclaimer nothing posted here is trading advice just for educational purposes.
  8. Here a review of the prototype ES signals. The only "false" signal is Tuesday but this wasn't really false as the day was caret-shaped with the first up leg of +5.5 almost exactly equal the leg of -5.75 down. week 274.png
  9. Today is a sleep in day with the markets closing early. I'll probably work on some hand charts.
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    The gold 15 min chart is your only good chart, the rest are crap especially the 1st on ES since when u trade for real money like I do you want to remove all lines and indicators that don't predict PA (price action).

    On this chart the best trade would have been a short of around 1292. Every time price came up to this area it was pushed down. As noted price did break a tiny bit above 1292 after bouncing off 1284 before coming down which was basically some stop hunting to take the out the weak shorts. This is basically a perfect head and shoulders chart. The right shoulder could have been shorted which is what I am talking about.
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