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  1. Well I missed that move. Next target is 1.461, and bracket around it as support/resistance; long breakout higher, or fade it as triple top. Going to get a redbull, hope I don't miss this one too lol.

    If EUR comes back to 1.457, same thing, support bounce and then get long...under 1.457, not sure where target is for a short.

    *edit: nevermind, fuck a redbull, I have other shit to do. Will trade RTH :)
    #21     Sep 10, 2009
  2. What's up ET :)

    Today's a pivot point for me, my main squeeze is moving to Europe :cool: So, I'm putting chicks on the backburner now, and focusing on school the rest of the semester :D

    The real reason for the update though is that EUR/USD touched the December 08 high. I've read that forex respects technical levels much more importantly....I wouldn't know. But nonetheless, I just put on a 'swing' trade, short ES at 1051. Basically looking for EUR to move lower from Dec high resistance, and drag ES with it. Although it's a swing, I don't have much risk tolerance anyway, so stop is 'tight' at 1055. Target is 1040.

    *With stop so tight, it's possible I'm out of this trade in a couple minutes lol. If EUR shoots higher then I won't look to re-enter, obviously.
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  3. Getting real close to stop, that was quick, lol. EUR making lower high's, but maybe just finding support? Oh well, til my next trade, later :)
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