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  1. ~Queue bullet sound effects and rap music~

    Howdy. Welcome to get rich or die trading, my new journal. Couple of incomplete journals before, have been focused on school. Have a good feel for my directional strat, so I'm going live.

    Only trading the morning, say 9:30-12est. ES, price & volume.

    Balance: $13,447.40
    Today P/L: $118.40

    Best trade today was short 2 and 2 ES at 10:06/10:09, covered at 10:12 for $255.80. Easy setup I look for. :cool: Welcome to comments.
  2. Starting balance and profit today.
  3. No trades, no read on vol around consumer sentiment and eia nat gas.
    Also mods say can't talk about girls, so this will be much more boring :p
  4. P/L: $38.50

    9:33 - got short 2 @ 98.25, price came back to it at lower volume (relative to 9:30 bar, 1min bars) vol came in though and pushed it back up, got out at 99.25. Though, if you're looking at a chart you can't really see what I'm talking about unless you watched the 9:33 bar paint live. Lost -$109.60 here.

    9:39 - see price making a new high (relative to open price) on consistent volume, usually see these moves end on high vol so I got long 1 @ 1101.75 and then long 2 @ 1102 less than a minute later. Had my sell at 1103 got hit pretty quick, though I could have made 1104 easy because price gapped there in about 10 seconds. Made +$148.10 here.

    Nothing special, it is what it is.
  5. P/L: -$69.20

    Disappointed in execution.

    9:35 Meant to put sell stop limit 1105.75 for the break, fuck me I put just sell limit which of course puts me short 1106. 3 tick loser.

    9:43 get long 08.75 break looking for a couple ticks, bail at 09.

    9:50 price coming back in, AGAIN looking to put on sell stop limit 05.75, can't even get it off on time, price is already breaking 1105, lol.

  6. No trades, a shame because strat is positioned to benefit from breakouts.

    Minor difference in ES price/vol pattern threw me off in the first five minutes. NQ/CL had the perfect setup but wasn't looking at them until after the fact. My only chance to get short was 9:45 bar volume flush, but again trade entry in TWS was too slow. 1093.25-1091.25 came in 6 seconds. Looked like somebody puked there. Tomorrow.
  7. P/L: $65.40

    9:33 Long 2 @ 89.25 touch got out at 1090 once volume got passed 10k at 9:34. Could have been long 9:39 bar but was already contemplating calling it early. Monday.
  8. P/L: -$119.20

    Reading T&S spooked me, even tho had the two best longs of the morning.

    9:33:59 - Long 2 @ 1104.25. New high on low vol looking for a good climax move to the upside but the amount of orders that came through on T&S spooked me out for a 2 tick loser at 9:34:39. Price made the climax move I was looking for a minute later.

    9:43:47 Long 2 @ 1107.25. Again new high on low vol relative to the climax moves at 9:37 and 9:40, again trying to get long the fast break up but it stuttered just enough, got out for another 2 tick loser at 9:44:19. Pushed to 1109 real fast after that.

    Good ideas but trying to be proactive in exit by reading flow hampered productivity.
  9. update P/L: -$53.80

    Despite losing in the morning I had a good feel for what was going on, made some back from the morning.

    10:53:05 Price moving in a nice range on low vol looked like a good opp for some runoff to downside put sell stop limit 2 @ 1108.50, got hit and exited 1107.75 @ 10:54:03 as volume came in to support. $+65.40 here.
  10. if rejects 1109 again (10:58, 11:11) looking for another short 1107.25, level of home sales price move at 10am looking for runoff to downside exiting on volume, win or lose.

    *note: book is thick as fuck at 1107.25/1107. 3k+. Means everyone is looking for the same fucking thing or the smart people are gonna dupe people looking for the same fucking thing.

    **Took trade off at 11:29, too much vol running to 1107.50. Don't like it when vol runs up before breaking a new level, I see that a lot of times as people getting in their long support early, and then what happens price barely touches on the break of a new level and runs higher without volume at the new level. 11:28 bar moved 1108.50 to 1107.50 with more volume relative to prior bars. Prefer an orderly decline on light vol and then runup after.

    **Looking for short again at 1107.25.
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