Justin Trudeau, another arrogant, ridiculously incompetent French Liberal.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Dec 1, 2012.

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    Max E.

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    For those of you who dont know about trudeau, his father was the Prime minister of Canada in the 70's, and he established something called the National Energy Program, whereby they screwed Western Canada out of all of the oil, under the claim that Western Provinces needed to pay their fair share.

    Quebec got all the energy and the east was supposed to thrive, meanwhile the western prvinces economies went into the tank (at the time) and the eastern provinces are currently further in debt than any time in history.

    30 years later Quebec and Ontario both have a higher debt per capita than california, because they can not figure out how to spend their money, while Alberta is the only province operating under a surplus, and the only province to ever cut their citizens a cheque at tax time.

    Now this idiot, Trudeau's son is trying to take over the liberal party, and he is advocating the exact same idea, All of Canada would be better off if we jettisoned Quebec, yet this arrogant turd has the nerve to say that Canada belongs to Quebec, and he also says the big problem facing Canada is that the most successful province is holding everyone back.

    The scary thing about it is this guy will most likely be elected with the whole "Steal from Alberta" meme, when Alberta has been the most responsible province in Canada and Quebec has been by far the most irresponsible province, just goes to show the times we are in.
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    I remember Trudeau. Wasn't he pretty much an American hater?
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    Max E.

    Trudeau hated the rest of western Canada as much as the states, basically he was a prototypical arrogant french liberal, who thought that Quebec was much smarter and much better than all of the other places in North America.

    It was pretty funny though because while he hated most of Canada, he still fought to keep quebec a part of Canada, because he knew how much money, and power Quebec siphons off of the rest of Canada.

    If you had to sum up Quebec in an election, basically they are a gigantic special interest group that can swing canadian elections one way or another, so what ends up happening, is Politicians end up pandering to them in every single election, because they control a large part of the vote, and its not like Ohio where they want the same shit, they want drastically different stuff then the rest of Canada, so basically our elections are controlled by a group of people who hate the rest of Canada, and will vote for whoever offers them the most shit. I would love to see the day when Canada gets rid of Quebec.

    Though the one thing they got going for them is hot women......
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    I spent several night in Quebec City several years ago. The weather sucked of course. But I was in awe at the multitude of young French speaking hotties.
  5. Quebec also has the new province premier, Pauline Marois, who advocates separation and demands that French be the only language (which means that anyone educated in Quebec is unemployable in the rest of Canada). The first thing she did when taking office was to remove the Canadian flag.

    Quebec is basically a welfare state supported by the rest of Canada. The Quebec government corruption is endless (read the the latest Montreal stories), and most Canadians are tired of the endless French circus.

    Pauline Marois officially sworn in as Quebec premier
  6. hmm I'm of the opinion hot women should only speak during sex otherwise they risk revealing how stupid they are, kinda loses the attraction.
  7. Sounds like Alberta and Quebec could be part of the coming dissolution of the US.

    Alberta would fit in nicely with the new Red States Liberation Movement, while Quebec is a perfect fit for Kalifornewyorkia.
  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    Even the smuggest American liberal could not compete with a french canadian liberal.

    Picture a granola eating berkenstock wearing liberal, with a pony tail, and a prius, who is head of "X" environmental studies department at berkely.

    Now imagine that same guy feeling like he is an opressed palestinian, living beside israel, and that should give you an idea of the level of smugness of the average french canadian liberal, as well as their overall opinion of the rest of canada.

    Robin Williams did a good job summing these guys up.

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