Justifying the NFL

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  1. I just can't watch the NFL any more. I grew up with 4 sports' IV's stuck in my veins: pro football, pro baseball, pro basketball and golf. About all I did was watch and play these four sports.

    Well, about three months ago, I saw a show about one of the former hardest hitting running backs in the NFL - his name escapes me - and the poor guy can bearly walk now. He was a powerfully built African American running back that prided himself on his ability to take out the defense with his churn and crunch rushing style. Well, now he's in his forties and just about every movement that the guy makes is painful.

    But the most recent slap in my face was probably this link:


    Now it looks like there's a number of pro football players whose brains turned to mush from multiple concussions leading to early death and suicide. As the article points out, modern football players are just too big, too fast and too strong.

    How can I justify sitting around on a Sunday knowing that most of these guys will be lucky to escape to middle age with major knee and back injuries and still others will end up brain damaged and almost paralyzed with pain?

    I'm looking for answers...
  2. 1) Most likely the RB you were referring to is Earl Campbell

    2) Nobody forces these guys to play football...they choose to.

    3) They know the risks...they know the rewards ($$$).
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    I would give my left nut to be a RB in the NFL....who you kidding? these guys live, breathe and shit this all their lives...they know whats up...You think Ali would change a thing if he could??? maybe i have no idea...you think??
  4. I agree. It's like smoking. They know there is a risk. It's not like their alternative career would be investment banking either. I doubt there are too many men who wouldn't trade whatever they accomplished in life for being an NFL star.
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    not to mention the aches and pain that come from their perhaps alternative career..like life long back aches from slinging shit... :p :D
  6. It is every straight mans dream to be in the NFL.
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    So they can penetrate and get into the other guy's end zone?:D