justification for war.

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    Disagree with the first precept:

    The war must be started and controlled by the authority of state or ruler.

    That disqualifies the American Revolution - a Country that gave the world untold wealth and freedom.

    The Biblical corollary that all Governments are established by God and therefore, should be respected, is flawed. Hitler, Mao, Polpot, Saddam, Stalin, just to name a few. Those Governments killed over a hundred million. Should we, if we had the power, stand aside and let Mao put 60 Million through the grinder because his Government was "of the Lord"??

    Rebellion is fine if its against tyranny and injustice. In fact, there's a moral imperative to stand up and FIGHT evil.

    Are we, as Good Men, to do nothing when evil flourishes in Government? Our pastors say, "Yes". Lay down.

    I think not. We change Government by all peaceful means at our disposal. Not lay down and accept it with this misplaced fatalistic attitude, as if somehow, allowing evil is pious. That's complete Orwellian double-think. War is peace. Slavery is Freedom.
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