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    I live in Japan, and read news about Bush speaks loud Justice in his speech frequently.
    I am not talking about pro and con of the war and this war, but always feel strong weiredness listening someone says Justice on thier war action.

    Looking back the history, every guys who believe they were doing right thing speak loud Jusice, even Terrorists, and thier Justice words are usually not justified at all.

    Jihad sounds not right, especially watching suiside bombing guys who think they are going to heaven after the death for the reward to do so.

    Absolutely right, that is Justice. If I meet a guy on the street who claims 'Oh, I am absolutely right.', I would be very skeptical of him.

    I will stop listening to the rest of the statement when someone starts caliming Jihad or Justice etc..

    I would like to hear what you guys think watching TV everyday.
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    How about war veterans applauding to Bush every five seconds for his 'justice' comments on Iraq. The guy is sick, and it's seems contagious :(
  3. Okabe-san, 1993 kara boku wa san-nen kan Nihon ni sundeimashita. Hyogo-ken ritsu koto gakko de Eego o oshiete imashita. Himeji ya Kobe no chikaku ni imashita. Kansai dai-shinsai toki. Kowakatta! Okabe-san wa Nihon no doko kara desu ka? Itsuka Nihon ni kaeritain desu. Nihongo wa mo zembu wasuremashita kara sumimasen....

    I think you are pointing out that no government or political group is ever absolutely "right." But what is right and what is wrong?We all have our own individual ideas about what is right and what is wrong. The suicide bombers feel that they are right and their actions are just. Of course their Israeli victims do not think so.

    I don't know if you agree with Prime Minister Koizumi or not, but I am grateful that he lent vocal support for President Bush. Japan has shown itself to be an ally of the US, unlike France or Germany.

    Living so close and being an easy target for Kim Jong-Il's missiles, what is the general mood of your country regarding North Korea?

    Yoroshiku! :)
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    Hi hapaboy,

    Oh, I'm from Kobe, too. I graduated Hyogo- highschol, but not sure which Hyogo public highschool you worked for. I was home at the earthquake, more precisely my girl friend's house. Good Japanese, I hope more native teachers like you were in public schools.

    what is right and what is wrong? Yeah, you can ask issues from this point, too. Things are comlicated, and we only can reach at compromise point. Simply, to me, I feel it is very dangerous a powerful public person can speech Justice thing without any hesitation and the most citizen don't quesntion about it.

    Regarding Koizumi, he is a prime minister after all, he acted for thier ppl sake. As you know, N.Korea sucks next to Japan, and everyone knows the power balance is secured by the US army. Basically, Japan is always chasing after the US. Personaly, I think it is ok as long as it works. A fact the world doesn't pay attention is JP goverment pay a lot for war everytime. They can't send a war-force because of the Constitution, but they do a lot in faincancially.

    I sometimes in NY, sometimes in LA, but if you come visit Kobe, let me know. :)

  5. Uso! Hyogo jin desu ka? Zyaa, sore de, Kansai-ben de hanashimashyoo ka? Moo karima ka? :)

    Kakogawa no koko de oshiemashita. Tsuma wa Sanomiya ni hatariate orimashita. Kanojyoo wa Nikkei-jin desu. Sansei da shi, Hawaii shyushin. Watashi wa hafu-desu. Haha wa Hawaii no Nissei, chichi wa St. Louis no hakujin desu. Ima Hawaii ni sundeimasu. Okabe-san wa koko ni ikeba, oshiete kudasai. Biru ippai nomu zo!

    I understand that Kobe has been rebuilt and is now more beautiful than ever. You're lucky to live there. Urayamashii desu yo!

    You're too kind about my Nihongo. Like any language, if you don't practice it you forget it. Your English is quite good! Doko de benkyoo o shimashita ka?

    As far as powerful people speaking about justice, well, as I'm sure you know, millions of Americans don't agree with Bush and there have been many protests around the US against him and the war with Iraq.

    Is Japan contributing financially to this war? I know that the last time Japan contributed a couple of billion dollars. I hadn't heard or read anything about Japan contributing money again.

    I'm also curious when you say that "Japan is always chasing after the US." Do you mean that Japan is always agreeing with the US in international affairs, or do you mean that Japan tries to emulate the US culturally? Or both? My personal opinion is that Japan is undergoing fundamental changes in its culture, especially among younger people, and in the corporate world as well. Life-long employment is no longer guaranteed, and women are gaining more and more opportunities, albeit slowly. Yet, despite these changes, Japan remains very Japanese. It's just my opinion.

    Is there any increase in the Japanese level of worry regarding North Korea since this war began, or is there just a general feeling of "shikata ga nai"? I would imagine the issue of the kidnapped Japanese citizens returning from North Korea would have increased the tension. Did all of them return to North Korea? I thought I heard that some stayed in Japan while others had to go back to N. Korea because of threats against their families if they didn't return. In some respects Kim Jong-Il is similar to Saddam.

    By the way, how is the Orix Blue Wave doing since Ichiro left? I was lucky enough to see him play in Kobe and thought he was incredible. Matsui-sensh mo US ni kimashita ne?

    Zyaa nee. :cool:
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    LOL. Moukari-makka? sounds so right here. The market is very trendy because of the war, and my system perfoms quite well so far. How about you? Moukari-makka?

    Actually, I've been to Hawwaii only once, when I was in highschool. My parents took me, my bro and sis, and it was our first trip abroad. I remember I have expected many Gaijin was there since it is the US, but found so many Japanese ppl instead. In my memory, Hawwaii smells so good because of those flowers. Definitely Beer sounds lovely :D .
    Kobe is a really nice neat city, but since I was born here, I am now eager to travel around. Well, I used to live in LA for college, so I cannot exeuse my English much. As you say, it is frustrating not to be able to use the foreign language so the learning curve becomes real slow.

    Yes, Japan always agree with the US in international affairs, politically, for the past, for the future. Also, in terms of culture, they are not to emulatie but eager to import from outside. They don't think everything from abroad is good, of course, but as a result, they are moving to that direction. That is the way it is. It is like I love Sushi in NY. It is so true this country is changing fundamentally. It may have been so until now, but I cannot predict what is going on in 10 years from now. So as the entire world looking at 9.11 or this war.

    Probably, N.Korea issue is very big in JP people mind now. They are totally unpredictable. The kidnapped guys stay in Japan, but their kids are still in N.Korea. Sorry about them.

    Ichiro is really cool. What he is cool about is nobody says anything bad about him. This is really phenomenal for a famous guy. He may be one of the perfect figure in the star-history.
  7. Boch-bochi da na! :)

    Wow! Hon ma ni? I thought they were told to come back to N. Korea or their families would face reprisals.

    He's definitely a class act. I saw him in Waikiki once after he had gotten secretly married. He was in disguise in a store (wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a beard) but the Japanese sales girls, my friends, all recognized him. He asked them not to tell anyone they had been there because he was trying to hide from the Japanese news media that try to follow him everywhere. I also saw him and the Orix team at the Hilton Hawaiian Village - the team was sent to Hawaii as a reward for winning the championship. While other players roamed around largely unbothered, Ichiro was followed around by many camera crews and reporters shouting questions. It reminded me of Michael Jordan and how he has no privacy and is constantly followed by the media. Kawai so to omotta. The last time I saw him was at a restaurant in Phoenix with his wife and two friends. The Mariners have spring training in Phoenix apparently. Anyway, Ichiro was very gracious to people in the restaurant. He signed autographs for the waiters and other patrons. I didn't bother him, but I'm sure he would have given me an autograph if I asked. I hope he can maintain his private life and not become an arrogant person like Jordan.

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    I think I miss Hawaii, especially that good flower smell. I want try LongBoard with good waves there.
    Probably, the reason I haven't been there by myself is that it is very toristic for Japanese people.

    Hana-mi season is coming soon in Kobe. Getting warmer and warmer which is very good thing for everyone.

    What do you do usually up there in daily life?