Justice Roberts: I Am A Coward

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  1. I have to admit that I misread this guy. He is from Chicago, so maybe he had legitimate fears about what the obama thugs would do to him or his family. His wife is a legal headhunter in washington, so maybe she was worried her business would suffer if he got out of line.

    Anyway, I have to hand it Obama. He successfully intimidated the Chief Justice. Roberts might as well resign and let Obama name his replacement. He's Obama's bitch now anyway you look at it. He can never command any respect from the conservative members of the Court. The best he can hope for is being some sort of pretend Chief Justice, like that idiot David Souter was a pretend Justice. Got to hand it to the Bushes too, they really picked some fucking losers as Justices, Souter and this dud.

    His opinion is kind of a highwater mark in judicial craveness. He wanted to have his cake, by ruling obamacare violated the Commerce clause, but eat it too by coming up with this ridiculous rationalization that it was a tax. So the givernment can now do anything it wants so long as it calls it a tax? Even the liberals basically laughed at that notion during oral argument., but now this prick has made it a principle of constitutional law, at least until we can get some justices with stones on the Court.

    Roberts certainly doesn't make that standard. He is a coward, pure and simple.
  2. Another one that has been starstruck by Obama's celebrity status. It can affect anyone, of any age, of any intellect.
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  4. I don't think so. Roberts has legitimate top-drawer legal credentials and is certainly aware that Obama's whole resume is basically fake. Like the part about him being a Univ of chicago professor.

    Roberts simply lacked the backbone to stand up to the intimidation campaign the administration has been waging and the sure knowledge that he would get the Ken Starr treatment if he ruled the other way. So, he is just a garden variety coward, the kind Obama and his hardleft crowd can push around.
  5. •Threatens federal judges with impeachment if they don’t toe the far right’s line in controversial court cases
  6. Stage Two: Anger:)
  7. I just hope no one jumps off 20 story buildings because of the ruling , Obamacare wont be of any help there.:(.
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    what a bone headed move by roberts:confused:
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    Yo Luke, would you mind defending your crybaby pic? Apparently your buddy AAA doesn't like it.
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