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  1. Finally some justice ......

    Recently I have made several posts on system vendors that sell there wares at ridiculously high prices for regurgitated content that any trader can obtain for free or for relatively cheap via published books etc....

    After buying several of these high priced scams ranging in price from $7000 to $2000.

    I have some good news for all of us.

    The CFTC contacted me recently with regards to 2 of these vendors and has decided to open investigations into there activities and has asked for my co-operation.

    This will be a pleasure as both of these vendors were rude and arrogant self absorbed maniacs.

    So my advise to any and all that have been ripped off by any of these or other system sellers is to speak up write letters to the FBI, CFTC, NFA and any and all consumer awareness groups that you can.

    It will get you your money back and go along way in protecting your fellow trader. (We need as much help as we can this business is hard enough without this BS)

    I also found a great web site that will help you get your money back.


    Don't buy anything unless you check it out here first.
  2. Samson,

    System vendor sell the most highly sought after commodity in the world; promise. Promise of a better tommorrow, promise of more cheese than one can count, promise of no more cubiles and working for the man, the promise of a better hope. Why you trying to take this away? The people who spend thousands on "trading systems" are getting exactly what they want---> HOPE. If the lazy fucks would just do the work for themselves and weren't naive enough to believe that "IT" could be bought for less than a Dodge Neon then we wouldn't be having this conversation. So you got dooped, happens all the time to suckers, move on and instead of spending all your time trying to figure out how to stop the sale of such systems, look deep inside yourself and ask why you wanted to buy one in the first place.
  3. Specul8r I feel so sorry for you, this attitude will get you NO were my friend.

    If you've read any of my other posts you will know that I am a successful profitable trader.

    I got this way because of GOOD people that didn't rip me off, people that sold me educational material that helped me make better decisions and educated me.

    This plus a lot of hard work.

    There is a big difference between lies, false promises, misrepresentation and deciet versus a vendor that is selling education only or self experience.

    So sorry about your attitude dude but there is hope for you. If you change it you might just start attracting better people into your life.
  4. The funny thing is that you guys are both right. The idiots who buy those systems deserve every penny of their losses, the vendors selling the systems are scam artists and belong in jail.
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    I have also spent thousands on dollars on trading systems, books, tapes, and seminars, well over $25,000 over the last 10 years or so. Most of that money spent quite some time ago with very little being spent today. Some money well spent, most of it not. And I agree wholeheartedly with you that we as purchasers need to make a stand and report these charlatans to the appropriate regulatory agencies when we believe fraud is an issue.

    Unfortunately these crooks get away with peoples money for so long because the learning curve for most is often longer. And the new trader often mistakes trading failure with an inability to follow the system purchased, rather the the systems total worthlessness.

    For some, it may take 10+ years of trading and purchasing worthless material to really understand what I call the "new trader trap". And this is quite unfortunate.

    I read your previous post and I applaud your courage for not being one of those "no necks" who do nothing in this industry and accept getting ripped off as ones dues. I intend to follow your lead and report inappropriate vendor activity and I would encourage other Elite Trader members to do the same.

    Best Regards,
    David Scott
  6. I am rather astonished to learn that one could waste 2000$ to 7000$ on 40 systems (as I could understand from previous thread on the same subject by the same guy so why did he create another ... ) ! One or two OK but 40 huhu ! So I am suspicious about his critics.

    I even wonder if it is not a new trend in marketing: I have noticed that some vendors like to dismiss other vendors to sell their own stuff (the specialist seems to be turtletrader which like to criticize futurestruth whereas the guy is accused to be con artist by others who claim to be "original" turtletraders :D). So using forum under disguise of being any anonymous trader to criticise some vendors and favor others is a good idea no ? I mean if one is suspicious of vendors con artists then one can imagine how these con artists can use devious strategies to fool people who are aware of that. This even exits in stock market with so called "independant" analysts :D.
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    Which 2 system vendors are you talking about?
  10. LOL

    I'll tell you what specul8r any time you want to post your account statements on this forum you let me know.

    Until then shut up you fool.....

    I really do feel sorry for you ........
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