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  1. Alexfx79


    Of course. It depends on the payment system you use
    I use Skrill for withdrawing any sums and payments are processed very fast (5-10 minutes)
    some time ago I was withdrawing with the wire transfer, it was long and took me nearly 5 days, but it was because the work of banks. However, I prefer Skrill, I trust them and don't doubt it their honesty (as I work with them for more than 2 years already).
    I heard that other similar payment systems (Neteller and others) are good too.
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  2. Robian


    Okay I see. I wanted to know if there are any problems with withdrawing or not... you know, this broker exists just for several years. And some people say that the more years a company has, the more reliable it is.
    I want to check the reliability to know whether I can invest more money
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  3. Alexfx79


    There weren't any problems and I got my money whenever I wanted :)
    So, I'd say from my own experience this broker is ok
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  4. hake8899


    Hi all just a quick review bout justforex

    been trade for almost 2 weeks
    good spread its very tight
    good execution AKa Fast one
    no lag no iddle
    i think this is a good one
    fast depo and lot of option for me indonesian trader
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    Hello. My name is Ilqar Sadiqov. I received 30 usd no deposit bonus from Justforex. I have completed bonus trading. I am newbie trader. I want to say Justforex is very good broker. Support is excellent and helped me in all questions. I learned some aspects of trading with Justforex. I learned some discipline some patience while trading on Justforex. I profited from no deposit bonus. Thanks to Justforex.
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  6. It’s always interesting to observe new brokers. Many people prefer to open accounts exactly with them because it is said that such brokers can offer better promotions and conditions.
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    sounds optimistic, thanks
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