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  1. Mifar


    I don’t really wanna interrupt your discussion because it depends on a concrete person whether to trade via phone, tablet or not. Personally, I prefer to use desktop version, but when you are not at home their mobile terminal does a very good job as you can earn a couple of bucks just drinking coffee.)
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  2. I bought a tablet computer for it, the phone is not convenient - the screen is small, and I don’t like large phones.
    #22     Jul 12, 2016
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    Well on the contrary I like the screen 5-5,5 inch, more screen is unnecessary and less - is not nice. And here's something else I wanted to say, I ordered my first withdrawal. Wanted to take a screenshot when the order was still processing, but didn’t have time, but still the screenshot doesn’t lose its relevance, and I have fully formed an opinion about the broker.
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    On which platform trader feel easy he can use his skills of trading . No one can say that IPhoe or Laptop support or profits . It is your good broker and experience of trading which helps to make profits. I like MT4 of any regulated broker . Just forex is giving high leverage to traders and lower spread .
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  5. Gramp


    It's not you was like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, but this broker is ok.People also wrote you that the broker is good))
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    You know, people say things, I can also tell you that Earth is square) You can’t be completely sure until you check it by yourself. I’ve done it, so now I know that the broker cashes out really fast.
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    It’s ok) Next time you’ll be more wise and if you think about sharing your screenshot with a solid sum, you’ll know that you need to make it faster because they cash out really fast.
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  8. Hey people, which sums have you tried to cash out here? I mean the numbers starting from 1000$.
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    Well, if we talk about round withdrawals, I did them repeatedly with this broker and there were no problems. They transferred money to my account in the same way as small amounts. And why do you ask?
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  10. Well, I just want to know about round withdrawals, with farthings it was without problems, but now I have a pretty penny on my deposit and I want to withdraw it once.
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