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  1. Hello all
    I want to keep a demo trading journal with Median Line learned from Tim Morge and from his forum

    Keeping this journal help me a lot in learning to trade with median line in any market.
    For now i use only EUR/USD with metatreder 4 platform and in future i will keep a trading journal on EMINI with autofork 2 software in separate tread.

    I will post here all my journal what i open on Tim Morge forum step by step untill today.
  2. 07-30-2007 Charts
    First View of EUR/USD 1 H timeframe
    Demo balance start with 5K and i will practice only on EUR/USD to dont be confuse with other curency with what EUR/USD is in corelation and i will post my results here after take any position.

    Happy trading and many pips
  3. Chart 2

    Will be some page of charts untill today
    Will help you a lot to see from where i start making my journal
  4. Chart 3
    Will take me some time because i can post only at evry 1 Min
  5. chart 4
  6. 31 07 2007 Chart 1
    Market update for EUR/USD 1H timeframe

    I add sliding paralell to red ML
    Let see whats next
    Its a patience game
  7. Chart 2 the same data
    EUR/USD market update
    Patience and patience
  8. Chart 3
    EUR/USD market update
    Is a waiting game
  9. 01 08 2007

    Chart 1

    EUR/USD market Update
  10. Chart 2
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