Just2Trade, Zecco?

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  1. What do you think about these brokers? Just2Trade is $2.50 per trade and Zecco is $4.50.

    I'm thinking of opening an account to trade (not day-trade, but buy and hold) high volume penny stocks.

    So I need a broker that

    1. Charges a flat fee per trade
    2. Doesn't charge extra for trading symbols priced under $1, $2, etc.
    3. Doesn't have market data fees, etc. I won't be day-trading so I won't need this.
    4. Good execution is somewhat important, since many penny stocks trade at medium-low volume, and moving the market is something that I don't want...

    It seems like these two fit the bill. Anyone hear any stories about them?

    I already have an account with IB but if I traded 10,000 shares of a penny stock, I would pay $100 ($50 to buy, $50 to sell) with IB, whereas it would be $5 with Just2Trade or $9 with Zecco.
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    Sogo trade will suit you too... i have a buddy who trades a lot of junk stocks/penny stocks. he got sogotrade... he said just2trade.com interface was pretty bad.
  3. Thanks - I went with Zecco. Just2Trade seems bad - I mean you have to call their Customer Service line if you forgot your username or password - you can take a high school kid to code a simple password retrieval program.

    (SogoTrade charges an additional 1/2% of the Principal for Shares under $1)
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    Well 1/2% is 50 cents for every 100$.. unless you are planning to put too much on one trade.

    he was ameritrade paying 9.99$ a trade and he mentioned unless he bought penny stocks for 1400 (that would amount to 7$)

    Good luck