Just wore out... anyone using Trading services for trades?

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  1. Jdesey


    I think I have just about had it with figuring this whole thing out. I have had success, had failure, but basically just gotten nowhere after years and years of solid effort.

    There are these services such as "collective 2" where you can subscribe and get a traders trades. All kinds of strategies, futures, stocks, options, etc.. this is different from a internet "room" which I have done in the past.

    I would not do the automated thing, I still want to push the buttons and be involved.

    Can anyone relate to the frustration? Anyone out there gone the route to take trades from a service?
  2. wrbtrader


    Do it yourself...stop relying on others to tell you when to buy or when to sell especially when you begin complaining about others and you don't need automation to be able to make your own trade decisions.

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  3. Jdesey


    I do not see where I have complained about other traders. MY biggest complaint is with myself. Trading is DAMM HARD! I have been successful in so many other endeavors.

    anyway, this is probably not the forum to discuss giving up on doing it yourself... I just thought I would see if I get any decent responses.
  4. Handle123


    Just wore out... anyone using Trading services for trades?

    Not in very long time, perhaps you could spend on learning from @bone, he has a decent course from what I can see. I think there some who have their life in more balance and get intra day trading fairly quick and then program, I never have had balanced life and why it took long time.

    If I was able to go back into time, I would have just stayed long term and get into options 25 years earlier. Day trading just wears out the body/mind horrible.

    Good luck.
  5. wrbtrader


    You did complained about "other traders" via collective 2 and room along with highligting those words via "collective 2" and "room" with the punctuation marks " ". ;)

    People have been telling you what to do and you don't like the results although you're the one that actually clicks the button.

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  6. wrbtrader


    Completely agree...It's extremely hard on the mind & body but it can also be a savior of the mind.

    In August 2016 I got the pneumonia and didn't even know it. I walked around with it for an entire month with just a small cough like a cold that wouldn't go away. Trading the entire month as if everything was normal but my body eventually broke down.

    Woke up one day early September with a fever...went to the hospital and collapsed in the waiting room. 2 1/2 months later and waking up from a coma in a different hospital...didn't even know what happen to me. Heck, I didn't even know what country I was in, didn't know I had kids, didn't know the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, didn't know there was a new president in the U.S, didn't recognize the people (family) in my room and got scared when they were communicating with each other in different languages...

    Yet, I remember I was a trader. That's fucking weird.

    Took a while via the help of a documented public & private trade journal to remember trading while everything else I had to work my ass off to get back to normal. The trading was the calm among everything else that was chaotic and often scary.

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  7. DeltaRisk


    Not a smart idea.

    You’re going to lose a thousand(s) of times before you get to be consistently profitable.

    Trading is the hardest profession in the world. Wharton, Harvard, and every other prestigious school produces losers even with access to bank capital and risk based haircuts.

    Now, I’m not saying you will lose but the question you have to ask yourself is.....
    What makes you different?
  8. tommcginnis


    No, trading is *not* hard. Not hard at all. It's clickety-click easy. And you *know* this. And it bothers THE HELL out of you that for something so easy to do, it is so hard to do *well*.

    But there's another contradiction, too -- that you also know well: taking a "trade" from a service is so easy, but it is (almost entirely) ONLY AN ENTRANCE, and it leaves you dangling for the exit. "Shit! What now!!?!?!" And so you're back: nose-to-screen, working the trade, working the trade. "The Bastards!" Exactly.......

    The grand contradiction -- in trading as in so many other areas of Life: You're all-in, pain included, or you are mediocre -- and "mediocre" is death to you.

    Thought??? Own your excellence.
  9. wow wrb...that was quite a story...Thanks for sharing.


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  10. Handle123


    Am glad you made it through, we lose enough people in our field of endeavor.

    USA medicine had written me off in 2010 with inoperable brain tumors few months after I went to Boston Mass for golf ball size tumor above nasal cavity-died twice on table and woke up speaking gibberish and yet in morning I would wake up and put on CNBC to watch financial news, I had brought my diaries and trading journals, recovered 90% within in two weeks, it is that 10% and still trying to get back though dealing with new memory. Had to go to London for procedures USA won't do here, both countries have same machine though, but was told I would have more problems I would not recover and they are right, lost how to remember most of what I read, I often have gibberish when I type, LOL, so before sending, I have to reread four times and still have no sense to what I wrote, some of those times.

    It is funny, I can't retain words read for more than five minutes, but I can remember formulas in physics, but other memories are lost except trading. Perhaps cause it is so much of going over and over same charts, patterns it reaches subconscious and like breathing we just do it.
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