Just Wondering ET, Why the Anonymity?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by ess1096, Oct 8, 2007.

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    Why do you think most ET'ers (myself included) hide behind anonymous screen names and wont so much as reveal even their first names? (With the exception of just a few like Don Bright, Jack Hershey and.....dare I say it......Timmy Sykes.)

    Unlike a forum like Yahoo, we all had to register to use this one, so you would think it would be a little less crowded by trolls. I've been on many other non-trading forums where participants knew each other by name and sometimes would use a self-photo as an avatar or even a link to their personal website in their signatures.

    So why the fear? Why the anonymity? My opinion is this; because many here are living a fantasy, an alter ego if you will. And as long as they don't reveal their true identity they just might pull it off.

    By the way, my name is Don
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    The name is Bond. James Bond.
  3. I'm Joe Friday. Just the facts. I just want the Facts.
  4. The urge to act out an entirely different persona is widely shared across cultures, social scientists say, and may be motivated by curiosity, mischief or earnest soul-searching. Certainly, it is a familiar tug in the breast of almost anyone who has stepped out of his or her daily life for a time, whether for vacation, for business or to live in another country.

    "It used to be you'd go away for the summer and be someone else, go away to camp and be someone else, or maybe to Europe and be someone else" in a spirit of healthy experimentation, said Dr. Sherry Turkle, a sociologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Now, she said, people regularly assume several aliases on the Internet, without ever leaving their armchair.
  5. Actually with a name like Nutmeg ????????????

    Ya, you got me. Really I'm a spice girl answering phones in a boiler room. Overheard my boss sya he ordered a new penny stocking DVD )omfgwtf 297 I hope he wasn't talikn dollars), phoones shoould be busy.

  6. I got nothing to hide :D
  7. Hell you have my name, age, and location. What more do you friggin want!?!? :D
  8. I use an alias for the same reason that I wear womens panties, because I don't want anyone to know the real me.
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    wait, this is confusing, run the first part slowly again.:p
  10. There's alot of good on this site once you shovel away the crap and the egos!
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