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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gold_Ric, Jan 17, 2006.

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    just a note...

    Last weeks post proved effective on the SNDK Short from higher elevations. She came slamming down about 7-9 points from holding short.

    AAPL is next also however we did have to stop out on that Fluff Macworld news only to re-enter.

    This Slam today on YHOO was due, but I think this player will be one of the stars of 2006 leaving GOOG in the wind...

    Builders imo will be very tradable yet short on the wide frame still.

    Markets here have to hold this 1725 NQ level, we do that we continue to the upside..

    GOOOG support 443--446..

    GOLD doing a fine Job up to these levels..

    NANO players all on upside watch ALTI NGEN etc

    Buying opportunities with this slump coming up ..