Just who are the bad guys in the polygamy case?

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  1. Like many people, I felt that this was a case where the gov't had reason to go into this compound and see if the children were being abused. One anonymous phone call is not really enough, but together with what authorities already knew was going on in there, why not check it out.

    Well, the state of Texas authorities have gone on to employ that well worn tactic of using the ends to justify the means. They feel that their goals are so lofty, so ideal, that it doesn't really matter if they act like complete lying, scumbag, royal, pos to carry out these high and lofty goals and ideals.

    Current reporting, which has not been contradicted, but rather mostly stipulated to, is that the women who were removed from the compound have been lied to every single step of the way. From what would happen , where they would go, EVEN IF THEIR CHILDREN WOULD REMAIN WITH THEM.

    It's pathetic, but goes right down the same path of the infamous cases a couple decades ago of imprisoning people for child abuse when the evidence was not only flimsy, but completely made up. Check out the history of Janet Reno, if you can stomach it.
  2. This whole thing is starting to smell a little fishy....ya ever get the feeling they went in their and blew up the whole thing and at the end of the day their may only be a few minor charges????? we shall see....
  3. so far "sarah" (the supposed victim)has not been located and her story about Dale Barlow does not add up. Dale who was the suspect hasn't been in Texas in 30 yrs.

    the children are now becoming sick from being stored in a warehouse setting and the mothers are appealing to texas governor rick perry who is one of the biggest scumbags in politics (thats saying a hell of a lot).

    you don't even want to know about the horrors of CPS and child abuse.
  4. Im sure they will find some things wrong...but you would think based on the whole raid , separation of parents ect....that there wouldbe concrete evidence they could come public with ???
  5. no.. CPS is big business. "sarah" hasn't been located... and already her story is bullshit. the real question is why the oligarchs did this.

    CFR Governor Rick Perry is frothing at the mouth over this... this is the same clown that tried to force little girls to take merck's deadly hpv viruses. he actually circumvented the texas state legislature and tried to mandate that these young innocent girls take these deadly cancer virus shots.
  6. One person reporting a personal criminal act sent the crime fighters to round up 400 children like a herd of cattle. They took the kids from their home, and their mothers (maybe not the best home, but it is home) which the government calls a compound, and sent them to a government compound.

    All of the kids lives have been disrupted, traumatized. This was their way of life, with structure and predictability. I do not approve of their way of life, but why does the government insist on making it worse?

    What kind of damage will ALL of the children sustain from this forced evacuation? What kind of mistreatment will they receive from being forced into foster care? The kids will be blaming themselves for this happening. They will blame themselves for the loss of their mothers.

    Separate the children from their mothers to coach them and brainwash them into believing that they were being abused. Especially with the younger kids. The older ones can think for themselves.

    Each mother will have to fight for custody for each one of her children. How do you prove your innocence?
  7. Last updated: April 14, 2008 10:53 a.m.
    Sect mothers say child detainees bullied, falling ill
    Associated Press

    SAN ANGELO, Texas
    - The mothers of children removed from a polygamous sect’s ranch in West Texas after an abuse allegation are appealing to Gov. Rick Perry for help, saying some of their children have become sick and even required hospitalization.

    In the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, the mothers from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints also say children are “horrified” by physical examinations they have undergone while in state custody.

    The mothers said the letter was mailed Saturday. A Perry spokesman said Sunday that he had not seen the letter and couldn’t comment.

    The 416 children were rounded up and placed in temporary custody 11 days ago after a domestic violence hotline recorded a complaint from a 16-year-old girl. She said she was physically and sexually abused by her 50-year-old husband.

    The one-page letter, signed by three women who claim they represent others, says about 15 mothers were away from the property when their children were removed.

    “We were contacted and told our homes had been raided, our children taken away with no explanation, and because of law enforcement blockade preventing entering or leaving the ranch, we were unable to get to our homes and had no-where to go,” it said. “As of Wednesday, April 9, 2008, we have been permitted to return to our empty, ransacked homes, heartsick and lonely.”

    The mothers said they want Perry to examine the conditions in which the removed children have been placed.

    “You would be appalled,” the letter said. “Many of our children have become sick as a result of the conditions they have been placed in. Some have even had to be taken to the hospital. Our innocent children are continually being questioned on things they know nothing about. The physical examinations were horrifying to the children. The exposure to these conditions is traumatizing them.”

    Asked about claims that children were hospitalized, state Child Protective Services spokeswoman Marissa Gonzalez said she had not seen the letter and would have to review the letter before commenting.

    A judge will decide this week whether the children will remain in state custody.

  8. Where are the ACLU busybodies? This looks like a clearcut case of government overreaching. These people were minding their own business, harming no one. We are supposed to have the rule of law in this country, meaning you don't round up people like cattle on unproven allegations.

    I saw an interview with a local official, who may have let slip the real reason behind this. Local pols were concerned that the compound was getting so big they might be able to effect local election results.

    The child protective services authorities in most states have gestapo-like powers. Like most government officials, they don't always use them wisely. A parent up against this system has the entire legal system stacked against them.
  9. The members are white. ACLU doesnt care about white peoples civil liberties.
  10. very true.
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