Just when Joe Public was tired of shorting

Discussion in 'Trading' started by HPT, May 7, 2008.

  1. HPT


    .. Just when they thought...fook this shorting, its time to go long ... cometh the big tankage , grinding south price action 07/05

  2. I agree with you. They even dirtied all my threads. I had to post my call in Rennick Out this morning. But today's action brought some silence around here.:D
  3. What you are seeing is consolidation. It's clear as day in the charts. The next wave is up.

    Joe Public has been sidelined, getting negative yield on money market funds, for quite a while.
  4. HPT


    yah, she'e lost the grind for sure now , consolidate /congest and sqeezy pop. Then we can resume normal play :cool:
  5. balda


    Just my opinion

    Until S&P and Nasdaq screw with it 200MA this market is not going down.

    Markets might have a pull back before reaching its 200MAs
  6. Sell in May, go to the hamptons, come back when it is fall time or something.
  7. could you guarantee it? :D
  8. HPT


    well, shiver my timbers, thar she blows !

    ... got here a bit too quick for my liking but i will ride her
  9. HPT


    I am raising my glass, cheers :D
  10. S2007S


    What a day,

    No one saw this coming not even the new bears that ran to the bull side just a few days ago, many still insist the wave is up, who knows, may get another run higher but I believe the trend is down.

    If the markets open lower tomorrow I will sell my inverse funds and wait for the next 2-3% move higher to get back in.
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