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    Wednesday, March 31, 2004 11:54 a.m. EST
    Kerry Eyeing Clinton for Secretary of State

    Likely Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry is considering tapping ex-President Bill Clinton to head up his foreign policy team as Secretary of State.

    When asked about making the offer to Clinton, Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter went out of her way to avoid denials.

    "President Clinton would clearly help the United States regain the respect of our allies across the world," Cutter told the New York Daily News on Thursday, before insisting it was too early to name potential Cabinet picks.

    Tapping the ex-prez for the top foreign policy post could help the Kerry campaign solve one of its thorniest problems: How to keep the Clintons from sabotaging his presidential bid without having to put Hillary on the ticket.

    Not only is Kerry said to fear being overshadowed in any Kerry-Hillary pairing, but also he doesn't relish the prospect of spending the next eight years watching Mrs. Clinton in his rearview mirror.
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    Hmmmmm.....Now THAT would be interesting. As I've stated before, I'll be voting for Kerry this year. Because I'm a democrat? Noooooooo! It'll be my protest vote against Little George. He has been a BIG disappointment, to say the least. Little George simply has to go home (just like our troops should be doing now.....But, that's for another thread.) But, I'll say this: If John Kerry should choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate, he'll DEFINITELY win the election. Many would be very upset about it, but I think he would definitely win.

    This comes from a Ronald Reagan Republican (a REAL Republican!).