just went long oil...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by diligent, Sep 19, 2006.

  2. good luck:)
  3. that works - thanks buddy ;)
  4. Reason? Time frame? Pieces used to make decision? Entry point? Target exit point? Stop point? Contract? Symbol even?
  5. in the daily timeframe 9/15 is a convincing hammer in my eyes - also, in the 5 minute timeframe i like the RSI making a higher low this morning.

    i will not hesitate to get out of this trade if it comes close to my stop
  6. Surdo


    Where are you long and which contract?
    If you want anybody to take you seriously, how about some details.
  7. i know the overhead is expensive, but i am trading USO - which im sure many of you think is a waste, but its all i have access to at the moment - long at 58.62

    is anyone else long USO?

    if not im not taking any of you seriously. lol
  8. Diligent - take a look at the QM as well for trading in Crude. It's the miny futures contract. At $12.50/tick it is a nice market to trade in and the volume lately has been nice.
  9. out at 58.6501

    carry on.
  10. Surdo


    Nice Trade!
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