Just wanted to say thanks!

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  1. I believe alot of people here take Barons FREE site and the moderators FREE work for granted, i just had a complaint and they responded to me within minutes, just wanted to take the chance to say thank you to the owners and operators of this site. They truly act in the best interests of everyone involved.


  2. one other question guys, what is the base time of ET, for some reason it seems to vary depending on what thread i am reading, what time zone is elite trader dealing with?
  3. ET is not confined to the idea of linear time.. :p
  4. Let me tell you something. I seen Baron not to long ago trying to hail a cab in Manhattan. I yelled out to him and told him I was on my way to have a steak over at my favorite place, Sparks Steak House, and to show my appreciation for all his work here I invited him to dinner with myself and a couple of acquaintances of mine.

    He had a wonderful time and the best steak he said he ever had. ( of course I don't think he would dare complain even if he didn't like it) I told him to keep it private and he did but after seeing your post I just have to tell you that some of us appreciate what he does. And by the way, he looks better in person than he does on his myspace profile. He's no where near as Handsome as I am but I admit he looked quite dapper sitting at my favorite table at Sparks. Even my special waitress, Julie (the cat) asked me a few evenings later who he was! :)
  5. was this before,..... or after you figured out you are a homosexual?


    so what time is it in starwars time?:D

    haha j/k EASTERN WILL DO
  7. Pekelo


    But it's clock is usually behind by 3-5 minutes....

    Edit: I posted this to check, this time it was 3 mins...
  8. are we dealing in london time? last time i checked it was 5 hours off........
  9. ok guys enough fucking with me!!!

    it is london right????
  10. Stop kissing ass. It will get you nowhere.
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