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    Guys, found this free insider trading site to be very useful and thought you may like it too:

  2. Hmmm... I was gonna say Spam at first but that looks really good. Thanks.
  3. When you figure out a way to make some dough on a regular basis with that crap, let me know.
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    Made several nice trades based on those data.
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    Well, why don't you observe the "Significant Buys" for a while? I didn't believe it in the begining too...

    If high rank officers are willing to spend big $ on the company they know the best, it gets to be something good to happen.

    They know their own company better than we know, don't you think so?

    My observation is that those data are very good for short term trade, I don't know about long term. Never really hold things long term. :)
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    Notice PANL? It got insider purchase, and I jump in at $11.25 right after I saw it...
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    Check VPHM too, boy, it got many insider purchases at around $6, I hop in, now you see how high it is?
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    looks great. thanks.
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    Honestly, after many years struggle with market, I finally found a winning method:

    The question is, if you don't believe in insiders who manage a company they know the best, who would you trust then? A bunch of moron analysts or reporters, or yourself?

    It is like in a family, the children do not trust the parents who feed them, rather, they trust their neighbor? Weird kids! :))

    Of course, not all insiders are correct, especially when someone spends a few $. However, if a CEO or CFO is willing to spend $100,000 to buy, that is something you need to pay attention.

    Another one you may want to check is CHK, which I didn't buy though...

    Insider selling is normal though, unless 10 insiders sell together within a few days, then something bad may be coming...

    As for PANL, the buyer is LACERTE LAWRENCE, this guy seems to be well respected. He bought $284,000 at around $8, then stock goes to $11, and then he bought another $110,000, guess what? He will continue to be respected and trusted. That is why today it goes up 8%...my target is $14 to sell...

    Well, I am sick of myself too. I saw AUXL got bought yesterday, tried to jump in, then had a meeting, and came back forgot the whole thing, then just check it, it went up 14%!!!!!!!! What a disaster meeting!!!!
  10. It's a very informative site that can be helpful to traders/investors...

    Secform4.com is new..did it use to be netsterring?...Are you the owner or webmaster of the secform4.com site? If you are, good luck with it as it does have good potential IMO.

    If your not the owner or webmaster, did you find it though Barron's?
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